Over the Weekend..

So, y'all thought the Warrior Dash was all I did this weekend?? Absolutely not. The weekend was jam packed full of great times.

On Friday night, Kendol and I cooked out at Colby and Tiffany's.

Appetizer of Deer Sausage and Mississippi State Edam Cheese

Gals :)

And little sister had prom!!

Saturday after everyone recovered from and showered off the Warrior Dash, we  headed to Mudbugs for a night of crawfish and some good tunes from the Dirt Road Jam Band.

Sunday was Baby Shower time for Krista!! Absolutely cannot wait to meet Baby Carter in a few weeks.


  1. Great pictures! Love the dress you wore to the shower!

  2. Sounds like my kind of weekend!

  3. fun weekend! i love that punch bowl!!!!!!!

  4. Love that gray striped maxi! Where is that from??

  5. what a wonderful weekend callie!! the warrior dash you are a rock star callie!! i love how you and your friends are always hanging out going out to eat, what wonderful group of friends you have. and that baby shower is just adorable

  6. LOVE that punch bowl and that maxi dress you are wearing! I need to know where both are from!