Over the Weekend: Easter

Hi Kids!!

Kendol and I are back, safe and sound... and a little more tan! We have been in Seaside, FL since Thursday. Just a little romatical get away we do each year during April.

If you have never been to the Seaside/Seagrove area, it is a must. It is seriously the cutest place on earth. It was fantabulous to just relax, be barefoot and not have a care in the world for 5 days. We were the definition of beach bums and binge eaters. As most of you know, Kendol (and myself...) has been on a pretty serious diet for the last few months and this was his first time to let himself go a little in the food area. And let ouselves go we did. I believe I ate more in 5 days than I have since Christmas!! And it was nothing short of amazing. Ex. Crabmeat Au Gratin... Yea... that's nothing but crabmeat and cheese! Be jealous.

We also enjoyed lots of movie/tv time including The Change Up (hilarious), Shrek and Pretty Woman, along with a few episodes of Friends and Two and A Half Men.

Pure Bliss.

Precious hat Kendol snagged for me at Target before we left!

View at dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe

We had to go strait to the beach as soon as we got there, of course!
Little Windy


Pretty legit sandcastle going on next door.

Movie Night!
There were flat screens in both bedrooms, but not the living room.
Made no sense.

For Easter Service, we attended SeaGrove Baptist Church. It was awesome. We both wish that little church was here in Jackson! I definitely recommend it to anyone while on vacation down there! Seriously, the preacher made his way to talk to us twice. What?? There were tons of people there!

Speaking of Church... How cute is my little family in their Easter dresses??
Missed them.

Sisters and Hayesy ready for Church!

How sweet is she?
And that dress?

Just smelling the pretty flowers!

Bless her wittle heart...
Sound asleep.
Well, that just about rounds up our little vacation and Easter weekend! I hope y'all had a blessed Easter weekend. I know we did!

P.S. I'm doing a little guest posting over at Keep Calm and Carry On! Please go check it out and show sweet Katie some love!


  1. i love that hat of your missy. and your sister in law's easter dress is super cute. of course need to comment on your niece who is darling!! sounds like a wonderful vacation i need to get some tannage going on, i am a bit pasty white

  2. So jealous of your vacation! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter! :)

    P.s. so sweet of your husband to get you that hat..it is too cute! Love the yellow

  3. So jealous of your beach time! I love that area, we always went there for Spring break in college!

  4. Glad you had a good Easter! I saw your guest post on Katie's blog, and I had to come track you down. I'm a Southern girl too and I absolutely laughed out loud at your post and Southernisms. It's always good to be in the company of other southern gals :)

  5. Looks like you had a beautiful Easter. I love your floppy hat! xo

  6. I LOVE Louisiana Lagniappe! Jealous...

  7. WOO HOO new design! And you already know how I feel about you being at the beach all weakend...jealous at its finest. So glad y'all had a wonderful time...you and K deserve a fab trip away!!! Time for us to start planning our get together!

  8. I love this! I am heading to the beach tomorrow and I just bought a big floppy sun hat at target as well! Hope you are having a great time at the beach, I can't wait to get there tomorrow!

  9. I've grown up going to Seaside and it's hands down one of my favorite places ever! We have a house in Watercolor and spend time there every summer- counting down the days until I can be down there again!

  10. OMG!! Cal I LOVE the new look!! Perfection! Your vacay sounds amazing and I love that y'all went to church on Easter down there. I'm just filled with joy! Love you!!

  11. And I'm with Rach! We need a MS girl beach vacay!! Please and thanks!!

  12. So glad to see another Callie blogger! Looks like an amazing trip! Happy to be your newest follower :)