Nooks, Books, Frames & Florals

I have always known that I was a bit old fashioned as evidenced in my love for all things rustic and antique, but it seems a few more things from "back in the day" have started to catch my eye again. A few of  those being bookshelves filled with all sorts of goodies, new and old! Cozy little nooks to read said books in, or in my case, just to relax. It also seems that the beloved photo wall is making a come back and I just love it! I am a picture freak y'all, so the more the merrier in my opinion. And Last but not least, all of the bright colors that remind me of the 80's and gorgeous floral's from decades past. 

So let's get started, why don't we!
First up: For the Home
Nooks, Books and Frames

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Moving right along to a funky little color that has caught my eye: Orange
Seriously, don't know where this came from.
Left field, I suppose.

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And last, but most certainly not least:
The ever so classic Florals!

Pretty sure I had shorts identical to these when I was little....

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Source: lookbook.nu via Callie on Pinterest

And my favorite pin of the week :)


  1. Great pins lady! I'm loving the Orange ones especially. I went OkState where our colors were Orange and Black and I've been trying to think of new ways to wear all of my orange :)
    Also, love your new blog design! It's so cute!

  2. Love your pins! I hope to have a nook one day..they look so relaxing!
    I've recently become obsessed with floral too...bought a floral bathing suit not too long ago and I'm super excited for the weather to warm up and stay warm so I can wear it! :)

  3. These images are just so inspiring!!

  4. GREAT photos! I'm new here, but wanted to say hi instead of lurking around. I love the feel of your blog so far- off to read more! Have a fantastic week, sugar!! xo

  5. in love with that first photo!! so many pretty things here.