Weekend Top Ten

Seriously, could I have been any more productive this weekend? I'm still not sure what in the world got into me, but it needs to happen more often. For real.

~Friday night, Kendol and I had a little date night over burgers then headed to watch Eleanor cheer in her last "first" football game ever.

~The sisters , mother and myself spent Saturday shopping our little booty's off trying to find Eleanor some cute new outfits for her senior pictures.

~No worries. I did a little shopping for myself and I hit the maroon jack pot at NY & Co. I never even go there, but I'm sure glad I did. I now have some new goodies for football season.

~Since, it was our first weekend at home with nothing to do for the first time in forever, we decided to have a little cook out. 
Drunk Chickens. Check. 
Hashbrown Casserole. Check. 
Green Bean Casserole. Check. 
Cocktails. Check. 
Friends. Check. 
Great night. Check.

~Brunch Date on Sunday morning to Sway's Bistro. I had the "Tupelo Honey" French Toast, of course. Something Elvis on the menu? It was an obvious must have... (the biscuits and gravy were absolutely divine too) If anyone local is ever looking for good brunch, seriously go to Sway's.

~I cleaned out both extra bedroom closets and bought new sheets for both of the beds. (What in the world?)

~I went a little crazy in B&BW over some new candles. The scentsy things weren't doing it for me anymore.

~Kendol and I cleaned out the pantry, refrigerator and some other cabinets. 

~I gave myself a little mani with my new E.L.F. polish that I received in my giant shipment from the half off website sale. Score.

~Kendol surprised me with a new laptop! WHAT??
Best Husband Ever ALERT!


  1. that french toast looks waaaayyyy too good. I want that now. I agree about the B&BW candles... I LOVE them! But, I love my scentsy, too. I think you have to find the right scents! Some of them aren't strong enough.

  2. That french toast looks to die for! & aren't productive weekends the best!? I had some spare time yesterday & organized our spare room - I was on cloud 9 after! HAHA! & WOO HOO for the new laptop!!! That is SUPER exciting!!!

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! The Tupelo Honey french toast looks so delish! Happy Monday!

    Significance or Nothing.

  4. I love brunches on the weekend ;)

  5. What a fab weekend! I LOVE Ny & Co. I try to stay away.

  6. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!! :)

  7. I never even think to go into NY &CO maybe I should try it out sometime. And seriously a new laptop, I am SO jealous! I hope he picked out an awesome one!

  8. New laptop?! I am jealous! I am dying for one! I love NY&CO I always find great deals there! Glad you had a fab weekend, thanks for linking up, always love!

  9. What in the new laptop!? That is awesome, great hubby award goes to him for sure!

  10. Can your husband tell my husband about the new laptop surprise thingy?! Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. We're buying each other a new house in a few months. (And by "buying each other" clearly I mean he is buying it because my salary as a stay at mom totally sucks...)

    Thanks for linking up, girly!

  11. Um? Epic weekend! So many amazing events and a new laptop? It just keeps getting better!!

    I love that all of us bloggers got our HUGE e.l.f. orders!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)