Weekend Top Ten

If I could bottle up perfection, it would be this weekend. Kendol and I headed to my hometown for a weekend in the country at my parents. I know I go there all the time, but I hadn't been with nothing to do in a long, long time. It was exactly what this worn out girl needed. And I can't wait to be right back there on Thursday.

1. A weekend in country with no phone service.
2. Perfect views.
3. Fried Crappie, Hushpuppies, Homemade French Fries and Homemade Slaw.
4. Cajun Creole.
5. Downtown Shopping.
6. Church.
7. Meeting the little sister's precious, precious boyfriend for the first time.
8. Spending time with my family.
9. Sunday afternoon dinner and a movie date with Kendol! Batman & Sweet Peppers. Perfection.
10. The Saints are back on our T.V. All is right in the world.

Wine is always a better out of a Peter's Glass and with this view.
(Pardon the ladders & such. They have a little addition going on that I can't wait to share)

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5


  1. looks like a perfect weekend! Love that Psalm's verse.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!! What pretty views! :)

  3. sounds like a good weekend!
    hushpuppies sound amazing right now.

  4. sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! those are some perfect views for sure

  5. Now I'm hungry!!!!! ha. Love that you drink out of Peter's=)

  6. My husband and I came back from Alaskan cruise recently with his family, and had no internet or cell service for over a week. What a joy! So nice to be disconnected :)

    Nook & Sea

  7. Sounds awesome! Matt & I have plans to go see his parents in a couple of weeks & they are 90 miles West of FW! It's a little escape from the fast paced life we lead in the city! It's nice just to get away & recharge for a little bit!