I am currently trying to avoid scratching the 4 million wampus mosquito bites I acquired this past weekend, in hopes that I will not still look like I have a pretty solid case of the chicken pox this weekend at Liz's wedding.

All of you Kentuckians and Tennessians coming to the Mississippi Delta in August, beware.
Unfortunately, there will be no protective mosquito netting this go round.
You're on your own.
You have been warned.
That is all.


  1. Oh no! I hadn't been bit by a mosquito in years...then I went to NOLA in April lol. Thank goodness there aren't that many on SoCal.

  2. last year i went camping and got about 45 mosquito bites from my knees to my toes. they swelled up horribly and i ended up finding out i'm allergic! i highly recommend putting hydrocortisone on them - it was the only thing that helped me.

    also, i had to start using bug spray that has 98% deet (the active ingredient in bug spray), and it has worked wonders! it's found at wal-mart, dick's, anywhere really!

  3. Aww Callie! I'm so sorry! Chelsea @ Life is a Sunset just did a post about this! She did an at-home remedy that called for baking soda! Check out her blog... worked like a charm for her!

  4. haha i love that mosquito netting possibility with the dress too funny!

  5. toothpaste! put toothpaste on those freaks.

  6. Hahahahaha, I love this post, Callie! You know what are bigger assholes than mosquitos? Chiggers. I swear I have scars from some of bites I got in HHI in May. Ridiculous.

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