Even When the Rain Falls

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

While I know this song is not talking about a literal thunderstorm (or hurricane in our case) it always comes to mind at the first drop of rain. And this morning, I found comfort in it with all of the craziness going on around me.

Now that Tropical Storm Isaac is officially a hurricane, I am beginning to worry a little. Maybe because Katrina didn't effect me personally? My hometown is too far north, so it was not effected. And besides making for one hell of a slip n' slide filled hurricane party, she didn't do much damage to Starkville either where I was in college at the time. But I will never forget watching footage on t.v. the next day and walking into the Tri Delta house to the tears of my sisters who had no idea if there houses were still standing.. or what had become of all of their childhood memories.. or if there families were ok? Devastation.

But where I live now? Was effected. Not at all like everything south of us, but there was damage and there was no power for days.

While Kendol assures me that it will not get to that point, do we really have any way of knowing? While I'm not one to freak out over weather, I am terrified for all of those down south who are still recuperating from Katrina. If you could, please say a little extra prayer for those along the coast lines. And for the farmers. For their crops. And for anyone and everyone who may be in the path of Isaac. Hopefully he will not leave a path of destruction, but just in case..

In the meantime, I will continue to be comforted by the words of my favorite song and wait for the rain to start falling...

As I typed that last word, the following chorus began on my computer:

O no, You never let go
Through the calm & through the storm
O no, You never let go
In every high and every low
O no, You never let go
Lord, You never let go of me
~ Matt Redman

Fitting? For sure. Just God's little way of telling me everything's going to be alright.


  1. This was a beautiful post. I am sending up prayers for everyone near the Gulf.

  2. great song great post. I listened to that song this morning and thought the same thing...God has us all in his hands. Just keep praying. Thanks for the great read today

  3. Loved reading that...been thinking about everyone on the Gulf and hoping things are fine. Miss ya, sweet friend!

  4. Stay safe with the weather love! Thinking of you!

  5. Adore this post, love. I've got a new outfit post inspired by one of my favorite TV characters. I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo