Friday Letters


Dear Hayes,
I sure have enjoyed our morning play dates this week, even if they mean waking up an hour early. (that means you are super special) I sure will miss taking you to school after next Wednesday when your Daddy gets home. Maybe we can send him out of town again soon? Kidding.. Kinda..

Dear Karma,
I'm not sure what Kendol did to you, but could you lay off of him a little? A lost/stolen wallet (really he just left it on top of my car) and a flat tire in two days? I think that's enough. You proved your point.

Dear Eleanor,
Could you not grow up so fast? You are not supposed to be a senior yet... It's not supposed to be your last year to cheer and we most certainly aren't supposed to be shopping for clothes on Saturday for your senior pictures.. When did this happen?

Dear Sonic,
Just because I pass two of you on my way to work now, doesn't mean I can stop every.single.day. for a large coke... even if they are just a dollar. I have to cut you off. So sorry. I still love you and your glorious beverages.

Dear Maid Fairy,
Can you come visit my house soon? My baseboards are a little scary. See you soon? Great!!!

Speaking of fairies...

Dear Ipad Fairy,
Can you please send one of your genius pieces of machinery my way? Immediately? First and foremost because I don't have a computer and am in desperate need.. (what kind of blogger doesn't even have a personal computer?) and Secondly, I REALLY need something to fill my gorgeous new bag with. Seriously... Soon, I am just going to have to tote it around empty and look like a fool. You don't want to make me look like a fool, do you?
I was rewarded this beauty and the Ipad case to match from Stella & Dot.
I'm still drooling..

Dear Kickoff,
You are only 15 short, short days away!! The Collins' are ready for ya!

Dear Rain,
Go away. For real. I have my first football game of the year to watch tonight. And I would really like to do that without rain gear. If I had some Hunter Rain Boots, it might be a different story.. but I don't so.. So get on outta here! (Do you sense another necessary Fairy? Why yes Fairy... while you're at it... just send on over a pair of these too)

Dear Eleanor (again),
Thanks for introducing me to this beauty. Because of you two, I have been thoroughly entertained and everyone around me now thinks I am crazy. I seriously laugh uncontrollably.

Source: imgfave.com via Callie on Pinterest


  1. What a great ipad bag! Wonderful letters! Happy Friday!

    Significance or Nothing.

  2. If that maid fairy comes your way please send her by my house next! ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  3. oh man i definitely agree with you on the karma for kendol lay off him already!! and hayes you are precious your auntie seriously loves you!! and i heard that normal people can not get that striped goodness from stella and dot