Begin. Rant.

Yesterday I had something happen to me that, as far back as I can recall, has never happened before. Maybe it's because I grew up in the south or maybe I am just spoiled, but I was appalled. And I let my little Redneck Freak Flag fly.

 Let me preface this by saying that my office building is pretty upscale and full of well dressed and I assume well educated people... or so I thought.

This little incident went down as I was leaving work. So, I was walking out of the building and I was approaching the door at the same time as two men coming into the building. What would most any normal men do? They would open the door for the lady with a little nod and a grin, then continue on with life. Not these two. Not even an "O no! We got here at the exact same time and I've already opened the door. Let me walk on through then hold it"... or a "walk through the door but I'm in a major hurry so I'm going to give it an extra big push so that it stays open long enough for the lady to walk through"..... NOTHING.. the two gentlemen a$$ holes walked strait on through the door and passed me like I was a ghost and they had no idea I was even there.


I would have even understood if they were a few steps ahead of me and it would have required them to hold the door for a few seconds before I arrived... but that is not how this went down and I know these two were not ones who didn't know better. They are architects or lawyers of some sort in expensive business suits. I know they didn't get where they are with manners like that.

See that picture up there?
What is the largest thing on the whole board?


Did no one teach them this as soon as they could have possibly understood it? It should have been right there with "Yes, Mam", "No Mam", "Please", "Thank You" and "Ladies First!" Remember those? Apparently not..

And this doesn't go for just men. Had I gotten to the door one step before them, I would have taken it upon myself to hold the door for the dapper fellows in the fresh pressed suits.. Why? Because that's what respectable adults people do.

And how did I let my little Redneck Freak Flag fly, you ask? There was no "Bless your heart " or any of that jazz. I flung open the door behind them and let out a rather loud and disappointed "Ummmm....Are you serious?" (under my breath, of course) (Whoopsy..)

Lawd have mercy... my blood pressure's boiling again just thinking about it.

So boys, if you ever want to be taken seriously, have a little respect. The least you can do is hold the door for a lady. It's just the respectable thing to do. Simple as that.

This is how I know that I am meant for Mississippi.
I would not make it long anywhere else.

Rant. Over.

Teach children how they should live and they will remember it all their life.
Proverbs 22:6

Moving right along to more happy thoughts..
~It's currently 70 degrees.. 
In Mississippi...
In August..


  1. I am right there with you sister! I can't stand bad manners - no matter where you were raised! It's been raining the last several days & a cool front has even come through! I might get to wear my jeans tonight! Woo Hoo for cooler weather... In the SOUTH in AUGUST!!! HAHA!

  2. Oh my sweet Callie, I adore you :) I have about 3 posts planned about this same topic. I love that we share such rage about this. Hahahha :)
    PS- I think you & Kendol should consider coming up for the UK vs. Mississippi State game! I know some
    Fabulous people you could tailgate with :)

  3. I can't STAND guys (or anyone) with bad manners. Opening the door for someone is NOT hard. In the Midwest, I've learned this isn't the case so much, and I am all for the "are you serious" under your breath comment. Geez. Peeeeeople these days...

  4. Charlotte is right - People these days, I feel like NO one even says "Thank you" anymore. The door is a whole 'nother subject, I encounter that more and more in the workplace. JERKS!

    Great post, girl!

  5. Haha this happens on the daily to me. Even more infuriating is when people bump into me on the regular in grocery stores, Target, etc. People have the misconception that people from LA are rude. That's not even true. SoCal people are laid back and friendly. The people from all over the world who don't have manners seem to come to LA to be "stars" and they ruin it for this city :(

  6. i love love this post! it is so true, I hate how many people do not have manners these days! It makes me sick! blah! Thank you for posting this!


  7. i hate that, too! that or i've had a guy in my office building walk into the elevator before i could get out of it. you know their moms taught them manners!