Thoughts to Ponder

Thought to Ponder:
Anything that makes you say "Whoa!!" that you cannot get off your mind for a few days.
Whoa, that's crazy!! 
Whoa, that can't be right??
Whoa, I needed to hear that in a major way!

Confidence is something that I always need reminding of, bc sometimes it can get away from us. So, this hit me like a ton of bricks.

This should be everyone's motto!
Can you imagine living a life, where noone has a bad thing to say about you?


  1. I adore that quote about living in a way that people couldn't say anything bad about you. I've never thought about it like that but that is so inspiring!

  2. Great quotes!! I'm in the same boat, I have a low confidence level in myself. But it has gotten better over the years. It just takes time, that's for sure!! *hugs*

  3. Pinterest quotes ALWAYS make me ponder life and everything that goes along with it :) Have a wonderful day Callie!

  4. You have no idea how bad I needed to hear this today:) Thanks sweet girl!!!

  5. Love that quote! And without a doubt want to live life that way.