Letters from Cal


Dear Rick Stansbury-
Thanks for everything you've done (besides Renardo Sidney...) over the past 20+ years for THE Mississippi State University. I know your retirement  needed would happen soon, but it breaks my heart to see you having to go out after a disappointing end to what started out as a great season. You are all I've ever known when it came to Mississippi State Basketball. Next year just won't be the same. Not hearing your always hoarse voice. Not seeing your boys behind the bench every game. Not seeing your wife, Meo, relentlessly cheering, even if she is the only person in the place standing up.

"Put this one down, you will never have a coach's wife that's a better cheerleader than mine." ~ Rick Stansbury in his Press Conference

I don't believe any truer words have ever been spoken.

It makes my heart so happy to hear that you will be staying on as some part of the Athletic Department. I was just telling Kendol yesterday, that I knew you would want to retire in Starkville and I hoped that you could stay on as a recruitor or something of the sort. It makes my heart even more happy to know that your boys will continue to grow up in Starkville and as Bulldogs.

Have so much fun fishing with your boys and spending time with your family.

You (and your family) are TRUE MAROON!
~ A Die Hard Dawg

Dear Chick-Fil-A-
I know I just wrote to you a week ago about how I needed to quit you and you (and I) thought I was kidding... But it seems I really may have needed a break (ha). I have resisted you all week and for that I am sorry. But no worries, I will be back first thing next week. See you soon :)
~Craver of your Buffalo Sauce

Dear My Fitness Pal-
I have been faithful to you for almost 50 days now.
I love you.
That is all.
~7 lbs Down and Loving It

Dear Pound Cake-
You and your delicious chocolate ganache just hanging out in the breakroom were just too much for me to resist. Was this a dirty joke? Didn't you know I needed to be in a swim suit today? That was just mean. But you sure were delish.
~Chocolate Obsessed

Dear Jermaine-
I'm by no means your biggest fan, but there was no need for American Idol to expose you like that to the nation, just for ratings. So cruel and I wish I could apologize for them. I wish you (and your Momma) the best.
~American Idol Faithful

Dear Readers:
I am currently lounging on the beach with my best friends and a drink in my hand. I wish you were all here with me. Have a fantabulous Friday and an even better weekend!
~Beach Bum


  1. Awe have fun on the beach today sweeite!!! Take tons of pictures

  2. TAKE ME TO THE BEACH WITH YOU!!! Jealous. Geez. Enjoy every second of your vacay!

  3. Holy crap! I just realized that I'm almost an entire month behind!! WTF, life!? Let's just say the letter to dear ole rick brought a tear to the eye. I will certainly miss crazy Meo! :) And poor, poor Jermaine - my thoughts exactly!