Epic Fail

Let's have a little laugh at my expense why don't we?
We've all got to get through this Thursday somehow, right?

It's Monday. I am exhausted. I just got home from a 4 day bachelorette party in Panama City Beach, FL. One of the most insane places to go for Spring Break, especially at 26. So the weekend kicked my butt. I had not unpacked my clothes and my hanging clothes that I had taken were front and center in the closet. I grab my cream and grey striped Maxi dress, throw it on and move on with life. I had no intentions of trying to look great. I was in no mood for work... In no mood to be up at all, for that matter.

Maxi dress?? YESS!! I will feel like I'm in my pj's all day.
Throw on hot pink cardigan.
Go to work.

After being at work for 4 hours, I stand up to go to lunch and it hits me.
Under a cream colored cotton dress.

Yep, you guessed it!
Neon Orange
My face turns 10 shades of red.

"Have I walked around at all today?"
"How many people noticed this on the way in to work?"
"I bet people have been pointing and laughing at me!!"

And let's not forget that I work in a very old school, conservative, very business office... As in, I am just about the only one that doesn't wear a suit on the reg..
Then I remember I have on my Columbia fleece. (I keep a fleece jacket at my desk bc I'm always cold.) Thank goodness I had had it on all morning!! I ran to bathroom and sure enough, you can see strait though my dress, but with the jacket I was covered for the most part. WHEW!!

Needless to say, for the rest of the day I walked around a bit slumped over (more slumped over than normal, if that's even possible), which then caused my dress to be too long... which caused me to step on it... which caused me to have to hold it up all day....

Moving right along..

Work ends...

Go strait home and change??? Errrrr Wrong

So I head home as usual and stop by the grocery store. Let's face it, if I had gone home first we would have gone hungry bc I sure wasn't getting back out. I had a list of exactly what I needed and what order to get it in that would get me in-n-out of there the fastest. I get out of my car to hurricane like winds that blow my dress flat against my body... Just fantastic. So I literally run in. No, it's not raining... Yes, I'm running. I'm sure I got a few (more) looks.

I walk in to find that they are REMODELING the entire grocery store.
And I think to myself:
Is this real life?
Am I being punked? 
For the last 5 years it has been the exact same.
I knew exactly where everything was...
Not any more.
This is my living hell.
I hate a grocery store...
(Especially when I don't know where things are and especially in my current situation)
Where are the jumbo pasta shells?
Where the hell are the jumbo pasta shells?
Why are the jumbo pasta shells not with all of the pasta?
Why does this recipe even call for Jumbo pasta shells?
You've got to be kidding me, I forgot the green onions!!!!
I give up...

I felt like people were snapping pictures for People of Wal-Mart!

And this is not my only disaster of the week...
Did I mention that our car (not mine) got towed from our Condo in Panama City.
Literally walked out to the car and it was gone...
Just like Dude Where's My Car.
That is exactly what was said, actually.

Source: google.com via Keith on Pinterest

Here's to hoping that your week has gone a little better than mine!!


  1. been there, done that {outfit fiasco}! you will look back and laugh one day, but I do hope your week gets better dear!! xo

  2. hahahaha I swear you sound so much like me. I absolutely hate the grocery store. Jeremy and I got on Sunday mornings at 8 and it is like heaven cause nobody is in there. Hope you have a good day sweet girl!!

  3. O man, we all have these days! I hate that as we get older, the hangover lasts for dayssss

  4. Hahahahahaha I'm so sorry Callie, but that's hilarious. I hope your week got a little better :)

  5. haha you are too funny callie. situations like that would totally happen to me and especially the remodeling the grocery store, when i go in for just a few items they have totally re-arranged things and make it super difficult

  6. You are not alone, child. I walked around from 8-noon on Tuesday morning with my pants unzipped for all the world to see. Yikes! You just gotta laugh.

  7. Oh no! Lol you poor thing! My Monday was a disaster as well, so I feel you. My dress may not have been see through but I had to buy 4 new tires haha. Boo to this week. Let's hope our weekends are better :)

  8. Ha! Happens to the best of us- ever walked out of a bathroom with your skirt tucked into your undies while 8 months preggers?? That might have happened to me...

  9. Oh, girl. Happens to the best of us!

  10. I hate to laugh at your expense but this is so funny!