Thoughts to Ponder

In the midst of the storm, He spoke peace be still and the wind lay at His feet.

With just five loaves of bread and two little fish, He watched five thousand eat.

He made the blind man to see, set the captive man free, to this world He was Heaven-sent.

When you've done all you can,
REMEMBER Jesus can do all that you can't!!!!

~Jesus Will Do What You Can't ~ The Crabb Family

This song was sung by Melissa Tribble in church on Sunday and it has stuck with me ever since. Not only is she a fabulous singer, but it is such a catchy tune with such a powerful message. I cannot find it on youtube or anything, but couldn't resist passing on it's message.

*When I was in highschool, my friend Ruth would come up with all of these super random thoughts and questions, draw them on a peice of paper and give them to me once a week or so. Most of them were hilarious and so ridiculous. She called them "Thoughts to Ponder."

Well, the other day when I heard this song it made me think... really think... ponder perhaps... It stuck with me and "Thoughts to Ponder" came to mind. So from now on when I run across something really intriguing, I plan to do a post like this. May be serious. May be funny. May be christian... Who knows... Just something that makes you think "Dang, that is crazy!" Feel free to play along if you run across anything.


  1. Love the idea for a thoughts to ponder post. This is a wonderful reminder- when we feel overwhelmed, God is not! I am so thankful for a loving and all-powerful Father.

  2. you should share some of her thoughts to ponder from high school!

  3. Oh my gosh... YES! I loved this! Totally needed this to start my day off right today!

  4. Love this post and love you to:) you have been such a good friend to me and cant wait for football season:)

  5. I still have all of these from high school somewhere!