Yesterday was B-E-A-UTIFUL  here in Mississippi. The temperature reached almost 85, I believe. Which is completely insane for early March here. It's usually still pretty chilly with a warm day, here and there. It was definitely too pretty to be in the cube, but that's just how it goes I guess!

View from my Sunroof.
Yep, sunroof opened in March.
I always forget that people can hear your music when it's opened... I got some funny looks ha!

When I was pulling into my neighborhood yesterday afternoon, I got a call from Ann-Hamilton (sister) that her and Hayes were strolling the neighborhood and to hurry it up and get home. Yall... Melt my heart. Hayes came to see me in her little pink car.. in her polks dot Toms... with her Mississippi State soccer ball in the "trunk" of her car..

After we kicked the soccer ball around for a minute, they had to leave bc they had left spaghetti cooking on the stove. Hayes cried when I put her back in her car :( So I, of course, immediately picked her back up. She cried for me?? WHAT?? Does that mean she really knows who I am and she loves me? Ha!! Anywho, I eventually had to put her back in the car for good and she cried and looked back for me until she couldn't see me anymore....

Bless Her Little Precious Heart!!! I lover her so much.

Yes, that's a Beanie Baby!

Please... just look at those Toms..

After Hayes left, Kendol and I headed to his parents for dinner and some fun drinks that his Daddy concocted. He calls them Hilton Hammers. His parents used to be big sailors when they were younger and after a day out on the water, they would go to the Hilton on the coast and get "Hilton Hammers." I'm not sure if Hilton's still make this drink, but if they do.... You should MOST DEF get one next time you stay there. Delish!!

I mean, a hot summer like day calls for a delicious fruity drink in a beach cup... Duh!!
The night ended with some American Idol.
Hometown Gal, Skyler, is killin' it!!

Beautiful Days like this, with beautiful people, help me remember how blessed I really am and how awesome God is!

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5

** As I finished typing this post, this song came on my computer. God sure has funny timing sometimes.


  1. We need this Hilton Hammer recipe.

    Ruthie P.

  2. Oh Gosh she is so beautiful. OOh that drink sounds so good. Yesterday was beautiful and today is beautiful to:) Cant wait to get home and do some running

  3. what a sweetie, she is so so cute! enjoy your vacation, you lucky girl

  4. Sounds like the perfect evening! She's adorable and drinking sound pretty good right about now!

  5. OMG. Hayes is too flippin presh. Maayyybe Callie needs one too?!? :)

  6. A.DOR.A.BLE.

    and 85? Jealous. cold windy and rainy here. BOOO!

  7. Those toms along with Hayes is ridic precious!! And she cried for you!! :)