Over the Weekend.. Speechless

Just a few things about my weekend:
1. Started with the remains of a sore throat/ear ache
2. Mexican Food
3. Wine with friends
4. Woke up with a killer sore throat, sounding like an 8th grade boy
5. Couldn't attend the wedding we were supposed to bc I couldn't speak/swallow
6. Spent the night with my Daddy.
7. Mississippi State basketball put a whoopin' on those hogs from Arkansas.. Not to mention baseball went undefeated for the weekend, as well.
8. Ribeyes, baked potatoes (with all the butter and sour cream I wanted), baked onion and all the french bread I could eat... all dipped in Heinz 57
9. Cool Runnings
10. Woke Up a mute.. literally could not make a sound.
11. Church
12. The Crystal Grill- cream of chicken soup, fried shrimp, macaroni & cheese and banana pudding
13. A little mute shopping
14. Hamburgers
15. Sex and the City Movie

As of right now, I still can not make a sound but it was a great weekend. Sometimes you just need some good ole' Husband/Daddy spoiling and some good food. Hey, girls gotta eat!!

Sunset on Saturday Night
Update: I just had a legit cough attack in my cube, for seriously 10 minutes. I got asked to leave. I refused.


  1. Cute blog!! I would love for you to come check out my blog. I am now following, I hope you will follow back too! Thank you!

    Love, Lee

  2. Sorry about the sore throat!!! I hate those!!

  3. Poor Cal! I sure hope you get to feeling better...sounds like you had a pretty fab weekend, anyway. Soon, our weekend recaps are going to include lots of pictures of our girls weekend TOGETHER!!!

  4. mute shopping? what is that? and you ate a lot of great food over the weekend callie! ugh hope that cough goes away soon

  5. Poor thing! I hope you feel better ASAP. That sounds miserable :(

    That sunset is amazing!

  6. Hope you feel better (although all that food does sound amazing!)