A couple of reasons why this Friday is so Fab!!

~~I started off this fabulous Friday using my seat warmers!! YES!! They are my favorite and I will never have another car that doesn't have them.

~~I then started this work day off with a caramel hot chocolate from Cups and my Pandora Christmas Station... complete with all of Mariah Carey's best Christmas tunes. Speaking of... the best one is on right now "All I Want For Christmas is YOOOOOOO-WAOOOOOOO BABAY!

~~I have Girls night tonight at Amerigo to look forward to!!! WOO HOO

~~It's Friday, so that means one more day until I get to see Kaylis & Jonny and Liz & Chris! I finally get to meet this kid. I was beginning to think he isn't real.

~~On this fabulous "Maroon Friday" the bulldawgs are 6 & 2 and hopefully tomorrow will be 7 & 2!!  (and I'm making Mexican Layer Dip and Oreo Balls tonight for the tailgate... pretty fab, as well)

~~I am back up to 8 miles on my running. I have been slacking in the long distance department, always doing 3-5 miles, but I'm back in action! Pretty Excited :) 4 more weeks til race day. I have to at least get to 10 miles before then, but hopefully I'll get even farther.

~~Exactly two weeks from today Baby Hayes here!

~~Speaking of babies... Please look at these two that made my day today! Ok... maybe they aren't babies anymore :( They are growing up so fast.

 Sweet Branham in his Duck Costume!!

Sweet Brantley as Buzz Lightyear!! Love it!!
O and P.S. Meagan is having another little boy!!! YAY!!


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