Rachel's Random Questions

Ok so my friend over at Simple Little Joys has started her own little question game for the day!! I must participate.

1) Most embarrassing moment? And don't leave out ANY details!
I honestly can't think if anything major, off of the top of my head, besides like falling or something. I will come back and change this if I think of something.

2) Your favorite outfit and why?
This is my new favorite article of clothing, that I have bought recently!! I will be wearing it tonight for the first time YAY. And there's no explanation needed bc it's just precious.

3) Why did you start blogging? How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in June, I believe. I just loved reading other people's blogs that they would post to facebook and twitter. So, one day when I was bored, I decided to try it out for myself. Now I'm kind of obsessed.

4) Favorite quote?
These are two quotes from my preacher. I don't know if he made them up or if he was quoting someone else, but i'm going to give him all of the credit.

"When everything else changes, God's presence never does." ~ Brother Jim Phillips
"We need to know that we have the capacity to experience PEACE with God even while things around us are going to pieces"- Brother Jim Phillips

5) If your house was on fire, what are the first 3 things you would grab?
~Snowball - my childhood stuffed rabbit. He is still in perfect condition and is sitting on our guest bed (my bed my whole life) just like he has been since I was born.
~My picture box and Christmas ornament box- I have a huge rubbermaid box full of nothing but photo albums starting in about 6th grade. I'm not sure I can pick it up, but I would find a way to get it out. Also, my Christmas ornament box with all of my ornaments that I have been collecting since I was born.
~I don't even know where to start after that... I can think of 1,000 things. (such as all of my McCarty...but that can be replaced) I know furniture is not what you try to save in a fire bc it would take too much time, but I don't know what I would do if this happened to me. I have two antique Jenny Lynn three quarter beds and tons of other antique furniture that's been passed down to me. Plus, the sofa table that JuJu gave me for college graduation. It's my favorite peice of furniture that I own. Those are things that can't be replaced.

6) If you could swap lives with a celebrity for one week, who would you choose and why?
~Kris Jenner- just so I could meet Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and see if their lives are really as entertaining as I think they are ha! I wouldn't actually want to be one of the 3 bc then I wouldn't get to meet that one.

7) Name three things you want to accomplish by the start of 2011.
~run my first half marathon
~be soft drink free
~be the best Auntie Cal in the world

8) Biggest guilty pleasure that you really hate admitting to anyone?
hmmm... I don't really have trouble admitting it, but I am obsessed with celebrities. Their lives are so interesting to me. I guess bc they are so opposite of our lives here in little Ole Mississippi.

9) What is your favorite picture and why? Post it with your answers!
This was our spring break trip to Chicago senior year. This is the Beer Gardens at the end of Navy Pier. CLASSIC

Elizabeth Kalich, Mallory Jackson, Me, Kate Lassandrello, Katie Horton, Leslie Clement
10) What is the best book you've ever read?
I guess I have to say "Nights in Rodanthe" bc I read it in two nights. Anything by Nicholas Sparks, really. He gets me everytime.

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