Thursdays Thoughts

Just some random thoughts/ experiences from my adventure to Oxford for work.

-I will just start out by saying, I don't know how people travel all the time because you can't have a steady routine. Maybe it's because I'm in a place that I know absolutely nothing about.

-Why do I get so excited about the valour (I don't believe I've ever written that word, so I have no idea if that's spelled correctly) motel blankets?? I haven't undone the bed since I got here, just used the blankets. I have 2 at home in the linen closet that I never use ha.

-Oxford has plenty of good food and that's enough to keep me happy for a couple of days.

- From the Inn on campus to Abners is exactly 0.6 miles. (Yes, I finally went running for the first time since last Sunday)

-On my run, I met Miller's really strange, skinny jean wearing twin. I swear he looked just like him.

-I left my ipod at home, plus I had no idea where I was going, so I took my phone with me on my run.I discovered that I can text while running and that you get dirty looks from other pedestrians for playing pandora out loud. I'm sorry but I can't run in silence. It was my only option.

-I was about 20 yards away from Bill Clinton today when I went to the Union to get Chick-Fil-A. Is it sad that I didn't even care to stop and take a picture?

-I rekindled my love with Nicholas Sparks yesterday. I started "True Believer" yesterday morning while sitting in the H.R. Dept on campus "working" and finished it today. How can Mr. Sparks do this to me everytime? I don't think it has ever taken me more than 2 or 3 days to read one of his books.

-Since I finished "True Believer" (and it was fantastic, of course) I have now started on "The Last Song." Yea Yea, I have never read it or seen the movie.

-Ajax has the best Black Eyed Peas on the planet...and I don't even really like Black Eyed Peas!!

-You get lots of strange looks when you eat by yourself in a restaurant here. I eat by myself everyday so it doesn't bother me, but apparently here it's like I have a disease when I say "it'll just be one." I'm here for work people!!

-I got in the bed at 8:30 for the first time since Jr. High last night. And I did it again tonight.

-Easy A is an absolutely precious movie!! Must go see it.

-My favorite restaurant in Oxford is The Rib Cage.I doubt it's so high on other people's lists but I'm a sucker for bbq and Jackson's bbq selection sucks. This was the highlight of my week. BBQ Nachos, Miller Lite and a Football game on the tv. Can't beat that.

-I also rekindled my love for HGTV. I Forgot how much I love it. It's been a while!

-Sons of Anarchy is getting to be a little too much.It's so disappointing bc it was my favorite show.

-Baby Hayes has the cutest nursery on the planet!! Please check out Ann-Hamilton's pictures on fb. I cannot wait to get home and see the new stuff she's added since I left.

-My obsession with 90's on 9 on XM is getting out of hand. I don't think they have played a bad song since I left Jackson. LOVE

-I did my first blog from a hotel lobby computer last night. I'm sure they meant for that to be used for much more important things.

-I am now blogging this from my phone. Who knew I could write a blog from my phone?? This could get out of control!! FAST

-I have never seen so many converses, guys in skinny jeans and crazily dressed foreigners in my life!! Hysterical! I could sit in the cafeteria and people watch for hours.

-i have always known that I like to be around people (family,friends etc..) and don't require much alone time, so four days of being alone is enough for me. I haven't carried on a real conversation since Tuesday, except over the phone. 5 o'clock tomorrow can't come fast enough!

-And last but not least, the Hank Jr/Jamey Johnson concert is in 2 days and AH's second baby shower is Sunday!! Maybe that's why I'm so anxious to get out of here.

Ok I've rambled on long enough that it's finally time to go to bed! WOOHOO

P.S. Can you tell I'm bored?

Check ya on the flip side

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  1. Haha I love this post. Cracks me up! Hope you haven't been too bored in Oxford. And yes, I agree about the Rib Cage. Can't believe I forgot to mention that one to you! When you get back to Jackson, let's go get some frozen yogurt somewhere :)