You Get What You Put In

I ran across this earlier and it seems to be exactly what Kendol and I are living by lately.  We are both working our full time jobs and then working some nights and weekends at Mudbugs. For Fun. And loving it. 

The hours can be a bit overwhelming at times, but in just a few short, short months it will totally be worth it. Why? Because we will have met our savings goal to begin building on our new house in just a few months rather than years. 

In July, when we signed the papers for our lot, 2+ years before we could start building seemed so far away. Now just 7 months later, we are already half way to our goal. 

We frequent Mudbugs during crawfish season, so we figured if we worked there, we would not only save the money we would normally be spending, but also be making money in the process, all while still enjoying the social aspect of our favorite little hangout. 

So here's to a few months of craziness for a lifetime of happiness!

He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5

P.S. Did anyone else start singing Kid Rock when they read that title?
Yep, it will be stuck in my head for days.


  1. I told Matt about what y'all are doing... so SO smart you two! That is so exciting that y'all will be ahead of your goal time by YEARS! I completely agree with what you're saying here... makes total sense & is SO true! I can't wait to see y'alls house building venture!!! :)

  2. So awesome that y'all are working so hard towards your goal! Can't wait to see your house one day! and SOON!

  3. That's awesome, Callie! It's so inspiring to see you and Kendol working so hard after your goal!

  4. That's so cool that you guys are building a house! Stuff like that doesn't happen in LA :( So happy for you!

  5. Love this quote! Congrats on working so hard toward your goal!!