A Girl Can Dream, Right?

So there's lots of things in this world that I have, but good hair ain't one of em'. I seriously find myself drooling over girls with gorgeous hair on Pinterest far too often, especially when it's almost time to get my hair "did."

Welp, it's one of those times... I am "gettin' my hair did" today and getting my hair fixed on Saturday for the Cotton Ball at our new Blow Dry Bar called SmoothingBar. So, of course, I have been scouring Pinterest for the perfect cut, color and and do. Not that there's any need bc I will just dye it the same as I always do to cover the greys (yes, I'm only 27) and just get a trim... duh! I may not be able to do anything with my hair, but that doesn't mean I can't dream about being able to, right?

So here's what I dream of:
Long Waves.. Obviously.. Who doesn't dream of this?
What I would look like as a blonde?
Having Scarlet's hair (on Nashville)? It's to die..

Source: imgfave.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest


  1. I have been the same way! It wasn't until recent years that I figured out what to do with my hair. I talked with my stylist & she recommend different techniques on how to blow dry my hair, which brushes to use & products to use! I'm not a huge product fan but, oh my goodness do they make a difference! I actually only use one each time I wash my hair & then just a teeny hair spray to calm my baby hairs on top of my head! HAHA! Have fun at the salon! I love those days!

  2. LOVE that hair on MK or Ashley...whichever one that is! haha I kinda thought the Scarlet girl from Nashville's hair looked like a wig?? haha

  3. I wasn't blessed with good hair either! I love your pins! Their hair is wonderful but remember they have good people too! :)