New Woman

Yep I'm the loser taking selfies..

Why is it that something as simple as getting your hair done can make you feel so much better?? I just got a little trim yesterday and dyed my hair back to it's natural color and I feel like a whole new woman. Craziness. Maybe I just needed a little me time or maybe it's that AC (hair genius) is a miracle worker or something. 

Speaking of AC and  becoming a new woman...

This little lady,with the help of Genghis Grill, is getting healthy and on a mission to lose weight. Have any of you heard of the Health Kwest Competition being put on by Genghis Grill? I had not, but it's awesome. Each  Genghis Grill, across the United States, sponsors one person from their community for the competition. For 60 days, the contestants must eat at least one meal a day at Genghis and perform the one task they are given for the day in addition to their regular workouts. The winner is determined by a combination of weight loss, completion of tasks and social media/community support. 

What better way to get this journey kicked off than with a little dance party?
That's right.. A little Wobble action during dinner.

Being that Anna Catherine is a great friend of mine, I had to get involved. Our community has been super supportive of her journey thus far. She has already been donated a bike from the Bike Rack, some work out gear and new running shoes from Stinky Feet and a 60 day membership to KoKo Fit Club.

She is ten days in and loving every minute of it! She is working so hard and her attitude and determination are contagious. I cannot wait to see what all she achieves!! So help me support her by following and supporting her progress on FacebookTwitter and Instagram: annacatherinec

I mean, how cool would it be if our very own Anna Catherine was the next Jared??
You Go Girl!


  1. a haircut really does change how I feel about myself! love your new color!

    and how cool is that challenge? good luck to her!

  2. You so pretty, girlfriend. I haven't heard of that competition but I am AMAZED! That's so awesome. Can't wait to check her out.

  3. Girl! I'm dying for a hair color day! It def. makes me feel like a new woman!