Over the Weekend..

Kendol and I started out the weekend with two full days of working the at Mudbugs. When I got home on Saturday night, boy was I in for a treat! All kinds of goodies in the mail. A sweet card from a best friend and a shipment of Stella and Dot goodies! Seriously y'all, I am obsessed with the new Kimberly Necklace. It is perfect and less expensive than most statement necklaces. Win/Win.

 Sunday.. we were exhausted.. apparently. I slept in until 10:15 and Kendol slept til 10:45... He is usually up by 8 at the latest, no matter what. Poor thing was worn out. While he was still snoozing, I snuck out to do a little over due retail therapy. Too bad nobody had anything cute. (I HATE when that happens) I couldn't even find anything to use my 40% coupon at the Gap.. Not even a pair of jeans that fit. It hurt my feelings. Then it was off to Target for some essentials, when I ran across the Prabal Gurung collection. Ok, so cute!! I loved all of the colors and patterns, but the styles were not for my body type! So sad, again.

By this point, the storm was coming in fast, so I gave up on my shopping and headed home to be lazy. It was an afternoon of Five Guys and couch time catching up on shows... Followed by more couch time with the Grammy Pre-Red Carpet and Red Carpet, King Cake and Corn/Crab Bisque, all courtesy of the hubs. I literally didn't leave the couch for 9 strait hours.


What was not so glorious was the tornado that hit at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg while I was busy being lazy.. Want to hear about some miracles? The tornado just so happened to hit when all students had a 4 day weekend for Mardi Gras and there are no fatalities that I am aware of. . This "Fat Tuesday" is going a little differently than those in the past, I'm sure. Please keep them in your prayers
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The Alumni House on Campue


  1. I hadn't heard about that tornado! So sad, glad no one was hurt!

  2. What a gorgeous necklace!


  3. Love your necklace! Sounds like your weekend was wonderful!

    That tornado was so sad. So thankful that my friends down there are safe and sound!

  4. How is working going?? I need to come visit and come get me some crawfish :) I LOVE LOVE that necklace...gorgeous. SO SO pretty! And the tornado--scares me to death. I am just terrified of them. I am so glad that everyone was safe. Breaks my heart for those students and for their campus.