Country Road Take Me Home..

This weekend was quite the busy one. Kendol and I both worked at Mudbugs Thursday and Friday nights but on Saturday, we roadtripped it on home to the delta for a long overdue night out on the town with my family. Driving through the country is one of my very favorite parts of a trip through Mississippi. The views are breathtaking sometimes. 

I love our little family outings. We caught up on life and had many laughs, mostly at Hayes' expense. This time we went to our hometown favorite, Lusco's. O, wait... that's every time,  of course... . This time, I ventured out from my normal broiled shrimp with crab meat and got my very own Pampano. While, I have a bite of my Daddy's every single time, I've never ordered this giant fish for myself. Boy, am I glad I did. It is DIVINE. Seriously, if it's ever on your menu, get it!

On Sunday, we celebrated Kendol's birthday (28... WOAH) over some Soulshine Pizza with the best of friends! And ended our little weekend with an episode of Blue Bloods and Kendol played around on his new Apple TV device. Any and all tips would be fantastical???

And now, here we are... 
Back to Monday.. 
Where did the weekend even go? 
Is it Friday yet?


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! I love back country roads!

  2. WOW! Y'all did have a busy weekend! Sounds like a ton of fun though! Happy belated Birthday to Kendol!

  3. Weekends have been flying by lately, don't you think? Can't believe it's already almost the end of February. LOOOVE me some Lusco's. I always order the same thing you do! LOVE. Hayes is soooo cute! Hope your week is off to a fab start--oh and happy late bday to Hubby!