Fitness Friday?

So, I know that fitness is a little intense to talk about on a Friday, being that it's about to be party time and not work out time... but... I may have just found my favorite Pin ever on Pinterest. 

Has anyone else been getting pretty bored with their workouts lately like me? I have been completely unmotivated but hopefully that's about to change. I found a website with TONS of workout videos that require no equipment. No weights. No balls. No bands. Just space to move. At home. My favorite. 

Sometimes getting to the gym is just too much trouble and the weather does not cooperate for running. These workouts are perfect for those times. I am sweating and out of breath just watching... ha!

Allow me to introduce to you Melissa Bender of Bender Fitness

I shall report back to you after I attempt one of these workouts. 
I have a feeling it won't be pretty. 
But it will be worth it. 


  1. get on it girl!! changing up your workouts can bring back motivation!! report back to us in a few weeks and let us know how you are doing

  2. I love a workout change I may join you :) xx

  3. Yes, I love workouts that don't require any special equipment!

  4. I love my gymboss interval timer. It makes working out fun!