Red & Green & All Sorts of Shiny Things


Seriously yall, when mid November (ish) hits I become Christmas crazy... For real!! The decorations, the music... (Ok I listen to the music year round... don't judge) It just all puts the biggest smile on my face. It's just so sad that we only get to celebrate it for one month (the decoration/music part... not the Jesus part bc that's year round). It should be at least 2 or 3.... or all year!!! I just love it so much and I even got to decorate a week early this year. WOO HOOO Thanks Kendol!!
(P.S. He thinks I am Nuts-O)

If yall only knew the patience it took for me to wait until December 1st to post this... O my goodness...

So here is all of the Christmas cheer going on at the Collins Residence.

First stop.... The Living Room

The tree is def my favorite part. Isn't she a giant Beauty??
...besides the manger scene, of course!!

I have been collecting ornaments since I was born... Well not me... but my Momma has been.
Each year we each got an angel ornament for Christmas and then a few random cute ones at the after Christmas sells. So after 26 years of this, it has become quite the collection!

Just a few of my favorites!
There may not be an Angel on top (this bothers Kendol... but I haven't found a big one that I love yet), but there are PLENTY of Angels throughout the tree to make up for it.

Ok yall.. I am a psycho when it comes to my presents.
All paper must match (i usually pick 2 or 3 rolls with similar colors and themes), so there is none of that "getting it wrapped in the store business." And they all have matching handmade bows in red, green or white... or a combination of the three. I'm telling you... It's crazy, but that's how I was raised. Blame DJ!! (my momma)

See how they match... same reds, same lime green, same gold/brown... Psycho!

Love Love Love my Ball Garland!!

My snowmen are new this year! Obsessed with them :)

There are random trays and bowls EVERYWHERE filled with Christmas balls or something Fabulous.
This bowl actually stays like this year round bc the colors match!

Told Ya!
Kitchen Table Centerpiece
For all of you Non-Mississippians, the pottery you see in EVERY picture is called McCarty Pottery. Or Peters Pottery. They are Mississippi staples... Obviously... I have so much there are not enough places to put it all. This particular McCarty storage area (ha) is what Kendol refers to as "The Shrine."

Moving on to the Kitchen!!!
EEEEEEKKKKK My favorite part
My Manger Scene
I mean Jesus is the Reason for the Season after all!!!
Isn't it the cutest?? Even thought my Donkey only has one ear...

I was pretty impressed with this little display!!

Isn't little Rudolph precious?

Added a little spice to the Kitchen Sink Window

And a little Christmas Cheer for the Oven Door...
And the Cookbook Stand...
And Last, but most definitely not Least.... The front Door!!

The Holiday really gets kicked off for me today! Tonight is our work Christmas Party. Free Filets... Free Wine... Dirty Santa... What's not to love??

Then tomorrow it's back home to Greenwood for the Christmas Parade and a weekend full of Deer Hunting.. Yes!!

And I'll leave you with this...
bc Christmas isn't really underway without it..



  1. Girl your decorations look beautiful:) you can come to my house now and do all my decorations ok thanks hahaha hope yall have a great weekend.

  2. callie! are you decorated this year already?? wow you did an amazing job girl!! i really want to celebrate christmas in your household, your decorations are amazing. can you fly to california to decorate my house for me??

  3. I've decided that when we grow up, we should live next to each other and just decorate our whole neighborhood...between you and me, we could have every little thing covered in red, green, and sparkles...wouldn't that be fab? Love ALL OF THIS! Makes me so happy!!!

  4. How gorgeous!!!
    I love how everywhere you look youll feel the christmas spirit!!

    Happy Thursday Girly <3

  5. Callie! I am beyond impressed w/ your Holiday Decor!!! It looks absolutely fantastic! I love that you insist to have matching wrapping paper.... because I do the exact same thing. My tree is blue, silver, and lime green.. guess what color my paper is? LOVE IT.

  6. I love how festive everything is! It looks great :)

  7. Wow, you are really all set up for Christmas! I only have the tree up, haven't even bought the presents yet...

  8. Wow! Your decorations are absolutely amazing. Your home is stunning for the holidays! xo