Bows, Bows, Bows

I can't tell you how many times I get asked "where did you get this present wrapped, the bow is so pretty?" To which I reply, "I wrapped it myself." Which is then followed by a loud gasp... like no you didn't... you can't do that.

Come on people!! I, and you, are very capable of making gorgeous bows, you just have to know how! Besides the fact that my mother is a bow psycho and passed it along, I spent many, many, many hours of highschool and college wrapping many, many, many a presents at Smith & Company Outfitters. I can whip yup one of these bad boys in no time!

So today, I am going to do a tutorial on how to make an awesome bow that will be saved and re-used by God knows how many ha! So that you can all have beautimous presents under your tree :)
(If you could care less about bows... skip on to the bottom!)

First of all you have to get the right kind of ribbon. They have it at Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.

Well really you can use any kind of ribbon you want, this is just my favorite. Well actually it's the only kind I will use. I admit it... I am a ribbon snob...

It's about an inch wide and comes in a box that you can pull the end of the ribbon out the side, so it never gets tangled or unravels.

Step one: Tie a piece on to  your gift for a starting place to tie your bow on. Make sure your ends are long enough to tie the bow on with.

Step 2: Make a loop with the ribbon.

Steph 3: Pinch in the middle so you have control, then continue to loop around as many times as you'd like. The more loops you make, the bigger the bow.

Once you've made some loops, it should look like this.
Steph 4: Fold in half where you have it pinched in the middle and cut a "V" on the end.

This is what it should look like when you cut the "V"
Step 4: Unfold, but still hold together in the middle and tie onto your gift.

Step 6: Seperate all of your loops. Twist Up One then Twist the next one down... etc..

 Don't forget to curl your strait excess pieces.

And Voila!!!  You have a pretty pretty bow!

You can even get sassy and  use more than one color ribbon!!

Ok, moving on to more important things. Today is the big day!! Well tomorrow is the big day, but today the festivities begin. My best "guy" friend is getting married... AAAHHHHHH so excited!!

Meet Colby:
(Just a few of my favorite pictures over the years)


Munchkin & Sara Palin

This is at Talladega if you're wondering..

Ummmm can you believe that either one of us is married/getting married?? Yea... me neither ha!

Now meet Tiffany:

Ok seriously... how precious are they??
(ok you two, this counts as my toast tonight bc I don't do the whole public speaking deal... capish?)

O and Tiff don't think you're getting away without a phenom picture... This was us at her Bachelorette party after a day/night on Beale when we "forgot" to eat supper... ETA 3:00 a.m.

Happy Happy Wedding Weekend to you two!!

I'm off to get my hur did, then we're headed home.


O and I will be sporting these bad boys...and it will be 25 degrees



  1. you sport those hot hells callie! they are gorgeous. have a great time tomorrow at the wedding! and thanks for the bow tutorial it is so easy to follow