Over the Weekend

Over the weekend we headed back to the Delta for a weekend ful of Christmas-ness and Deer hunting.

On Friday I left work a little early and my sister, neice and I headed home for the annual Christmas parade in our home town. Lots of you are probably thinking... you actually go to your small town Christmas parade... Why yes, yes we do!! It's actually a really great parade and really helps to get the season kicked off in full swing. And my little sister dances in it... and let's be honest, the best part of the parade is the dancers that come along with the big highschool and college bands... girls can get down!! Love it!! I can't miss that...

3 of my friends and I actually were the "dancers in the Mardi Gras parade" at our New Orleans themed Jr./Sr. Banquet in highschool. We did a parade dance/step routine in green leotards and knee high boots.. What were we thinking (leotards in public)??? It was awesome. O how I wish I had video I could put on here.

We looked a little like this...

Ok not really... Moving on...

Ann-Hamilton, Hayes and I at the parade

Momma and Hayes
She absolutely loved it!

This is all we got to see of the little sister in the parade.. bummer!!! There song had just ended when they got to us :(

O hey Eleanor (the smiling blonde)!!! Nice moves...
The theme of the parade was Christmas movies and my favorite was, of course, the Young Professionals "Christmas Vacation" float.

And look who I spotted..

The new Guvna!!

But more importantly that's my precious second Momma Mrs. Angie in the front seat!!
Ok, moving on from the parade...

Afterwards, we went back to my Grandmothers for a little dinner get together with the fam and watched the fireworks show.

On Saturday, we all celebrated my Daddy's birthday with Chili for lunch and put up the Christmas tree. We got the old vintage big colored lights. It is so cute.. I am usually for white lights, but it's fun to change it up every once in a while. Then I headed to a Christmas themed Wedding shower for my sweet friend Tiffany and then went to dinner with my precious friends Katie and Chris!!! Whew it was a busy day!

On Sunday, Kendol killed a doe early (yes he was there the whole time, he was just hunting ha!) so we headed back to Jackson. I had lunch and did a little shopping with the lady friends, then the afternoon was filled with football and wrapping Christmas presents! We ended the night with Kendol cooking Deer poppers (deer meat stuffed with cream cheese and fresh jalapenos... wrapped in bacon and grilled), asparagus and fresh peas and a Saints win!!

Also, the Bulldogs are going Bowling in Nashville! We will be playing Wake Forrest in the Music City Bowl.

I'd say it was successful...

Is it Friday yet?


  1. wow your governor elect was at your parade cool?? um.. and that first photo wasn't that dancer a bit cold? what a wonderful parade callie, looks like a wonderful weekend

  2. What a fun weekend you guys had!!!We didnt get to go my home own parade Saturday due to the move and doesnt look like I get to go to the one in my new town due to this nasty MS weather today.

  3. wow JoJo...I am honored to be in your blog!! ha! mouth wide open and all! Love you and hope to see you during Christmas, and not just see you...actually get to talk to you!! Angie

  4. Looks like a blast! I always love parades!

  5. We have a small parade in my hometown but I never go :( And I don't dare brave the crowds for the LA parades.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  6. sounds like a great weekend!! Hope you are having a fab week! xo

  7. annual parades always make it feel like the holidays. so glad you had a fabulous weekend. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest trend report and enter my giveaway. xo