Pardon Me..

While I brag...

Ok, so it has been since December 2006 that I have had the amount of time off that I am experiencing right this minute. I had 4 days left to take off and we were already off this Friday and the following Monday for Christmas. So I just went ahead and made it a whole week + a day. So, with the two weekends included... that's 10 strait days off. And let me tell you, it has been nothing short of El Fabuloso.

So far I  have:
~spit shined my entire house
~hosted a super fun Christmas party
~made some bomb.com "Jingle Juice" for said party
(2 champagnes, a 2 liter ginger ale and 2 frozen strawberries...delish!)
~slept in
~caught up on 2 episodes of the Kardashians
~went to the gym
~stopped at Sonic for cheddar peppers and a large coke on the way home from the gym....
~completely finished Christmas shopping
~completely finished wrapping all presents while watching Christmas Vacation
~got fitted for Katie's bridesmaids dress
(yes, I went down County line 3 days before Christmas... insane)
~caugh up on 5 episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills..
(Man that Kim is a nutjob)
~had the hubs cook me dinner for our exchanging of Christmas presents (I'll get to that later)
~caught up on 3 episodes of 90210 whilst chowing down on chocolate chip cookies

Did I mention this whole "not working" thing is fabulous?
And here I was thinking I might get bored.
Not the case.

Now back to the Collins' Christmas Celebration.

Kendol and I always pick a day, right before all the Christmas festivities begin with our families, to exchange Christmas presents just the two of us. Kendol always cooks dinner, then we swap gifts. So we picked last night.

Kendol did an awesome job in the present department!

Source: macys.com via Kristen on Pinterest

I got this bad boy!!

And these bad boys..

And I got Kendol a gas smoker and portable cornhole!! Some khaki slacks too, but those aren't fun to talk about.

He's already discussing what will be the first thing cooked on this and when...
Boys, Boys, Boys

And while the smokers cookin' up something delish, we will be playing a little cornhole.
Check out this awesomeness HERE!

And just to think, 3 years ago at this particular Christmas celebration, I got a pretty ring on my finger. My how time flies!!



  1. LOVE the watch!!! You're making me ready to be off. Just one more day until my 10 day vacay!!!

  2. Oh how fun me and Jeremy exchanged this weekend and I got him a portable cornhole game just like that lol great minds think alike

    Merry Christmas pretty girl!!!!

  3. oh holy moly that watch is gorgeous and those boots are amazing!! great job kendal! you got your wife some amazing presents :-)i want to see some photos of those boots girl!

  4. Oh my I'm going to need to make that Jingle Juice. Like now!

  5. I have that watch!! I love it and I i wear it pretty much everyday :)

  6. Glad you are enjoying your time off. Love your new watch!!