Over the Weekend

The weekend was filled with wedding festivities, some deer hunting, some family time, some friend time, a lot of good food and a little shopping! I will let the pictures do the talking!

First up the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
 I had the honor of being the Bride's Proxy during the rehearsal. So much fun.

Couple of the Weekend
The new Mr. and Mrs. Colby Johnston

Kendol and I

Kalley and Callie

Tiffany and Colby's Sweet Daddy

Drew!! Let's not make if 4 more years before we see you again.
Next up: Reception Decor.
Simple. Southern. Rustic. Perfection.

How awesome is this??
Colby's brother Drew and his gf got this made from an Etsy shop.
All of their favorite, most important things in one place.
So special.

Precious gift table decor!

Strawberry cake... my fav!

Center peices with Mason Jars!
Each little votive jar had a different Lace around it.

Grooms cake!

Vintage Candlesticks
Pre-Wedding Christmas Tree Pic!

No words

Funnest Band Around.
Smiley and the Young Guns

All of the guys running from the garter...

Has anyone else ever seen these for the Leave??
They were awesome.
You lit them and let them go and they floated away for forever.
Highly Recommend.

Bestest Friends!!!!!

Kalley and Ann-Hamilton (sister)


  1. Looks like an amazing weekend! That sign that was made for the couple is really awesome!

  2. do all the gorgeous people live in Mississippi?

    Good Lord.

  3. Such a cute blog! :) Love that dress!
    New follower!