Wednesday's Wishlist


Who doesn't love a little arm candy? Whether it be bracelets, a purse, a watch or a handsome boy!

While I have all of the above, you can never have too many of any of them, except the boy, of course!!!


(this is where the "champagne taste on a beer budget" occurs)

1) The first item on my wishlist is David Yurman, of course. Who doesn't want DY?? I have a couple of  peices already, but I really want a bracelet with pearls on it bc every peice of jewelry I own has pearls. I need one to match everything else, right??

2) I would love a John Wind bracelet. They are just so cute, but it just seems everytime I am in a store that has them, they are out of C's. Convenient huh?? (I will take a necklace too with a C & K, please and thank you!)

3) I would love a gold watch, a big gold watch, such as this one!! Yes, I know I am a little late on the trend, but I still want one.

4) A fun new purse for spring and summer!! For some reason, I'm really into red, yellow, melon and royal blue at the moment.

Love this! So simple, but reminds me of a beach bag, which makes me smile!

5) Another thing that I see so many people wearing is a BOH bracelet (Because of Him). I REALLY want one of these. So simple, but awesome!!

What are your arm candy essentials for spring/summer???

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