Wednesday's Wishlist

So, who out there doesn't have a wishlist?? If you don't... well.... maybe you need to get a life... Kidding... Kinda.... Lately it seems like I've wanted everything I see... expensive... cheap.. practical.. not practical..priceless.. Just everything!! Why is it, when you are trying to "save" money, you see and think of 10,000 more things that you want (and think you have to have) than you normally do? Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly blessed and have just about anything I could ever need, but isn't it fun to think about? A girl can dream, right?


1) To have this stomach... which I am working towards with this dvd. I will let you know if I have a 6 pack in 6 weeks (I got jokes..)

2) To be able to make creamed spinach as good as Tico's and Char. I crave it on a daily basis. If you have a good recipe, pass it on!

3) This table, but in desk form for Kendol's office!! (I will take it in kitchen table form as well, if you just feel like buying me something) So if anyone sees a cute desk sized table anywhere that can be refinished... let a girl know!!

4) A snickers and a Sonic coke. I am trying my best to last until Easter without having chocolate or a soft drink, but I just freaking want them. It's really not that hard at all to not have them, believe it or not. It's more cruel than anything, to cut yourself off from such glorious things. I mean you only live once, you might as well live it up, right?? How fun would life be chocolateless and soft drinkless?? I'll answer that for you... NOT VERY FUN AT ALL.

5) For it to be football season already!! Thank goodness the spring game is in 2 weeks.

P.S. if anyone would like to bring a margarita to my cubicle that would be awesome. That way I can continue to play my music and pretend I'm outside on this gorgeous day.

I started this list and it could have gotten way out of hand, so I have decided to limit it to 5 so ya'll don't think I'm a crazy person. I will do my lists by category, different weeks!! This is going to be super fun. Please feel free to play along.


  1. Try the Flowood Flea Market or the Antique Mall on 51 for a table like that.. I'm going to start doing this!!

  2. my fave recipe for creamed spinach is to heat up the stoufer's (I may have spelled that wrong) brand from the freezer section- it's just like Lusco's I swear!

  3. I love these! Let's go get margaritas soon. I would just LOVE to get together with you :)

  4. I feel your pain on the chocolate and soft drinks... I gave them up as well!