Anyone else ever have those periods of time when it just seems like life is flying by?? That is me right now. I feel like Christmas was just yesterday. I guess it's bc we have just been so busy, but I still can't figure out what it is we've been so busy doing. This last week especially flew by. We just had something to do everyday, it seemed.

A few of the highlights.

First of all, of course we had a St. Patty's celebration. You know we couldn't just wait to celebrate on Saturday. We had beer brats (bratwursts) and homemade "chips." Yes, I, Callie Collins, tried a "brat." I absolutely hate a hotdog (almost as much as I hate mushrooms and jello), so for me, this was major. I smothered it in spicy mustard and ketchup. I actually ate the entire thing, and I have to admit that it wasn't bad. Actually it was good. Props to Master Griller Wally.

This celebration was followed by a last minute trip to Tico's on Friday night. I was so excited when we were asked to go. We don't go really often, so it's such a treat when we go. It's just so good!! If you haven't gone, it's a must.. if you're a steak kind of person!! O and don't forget the creamed spinach. It is the shizzzz.

This brings us to Saturday morning, bright and early. We were up and at 'em headed to the parade in all of our green glory. We have always steered clear of the mass chaos that is in front of the Hal & Mal's area, but this year Kendol and I braved the storm. Stephanie's family has a pretty sweet set up in the Martin's parking lot and the parking lot is blocked off, so it doesn't get really crowded. We were behind the crowd, but her daddy and uncle built a platform on a trailer for everyone to stand on and the rest of us made our home in the back of his truck. An elevated surface, out of the crowd, and our own porta- potty was like being in heaven at the parade haha!!

View to my left.
Green as far as you could see.

View to my right.
Green as far as you could see.

Kendol and I

Stephanie and I

Grant needs an award for getting his parade attire special made!

Rachael and Grant decided to join us!!

Greenwood was represented well in our little area

Stephanie's Uncle Bobby decided to use the Porta-Potty as a dance floor.

Sweet Ashley

Look who I found!!

Possibly my favorite picture of the day.
Ausin, Kendol and Miller

Long lost friends, Amanda and Nicole!!! YAY!!

Two of the interesting characters in front of us.

Two more classy ones!!
On Sunday, we went to eat lunch at PieWorks. YUM YUM YUM Everyone must try. Then we went on a Sunday afternoon drive to look at houses.. one of our favorite things to do. We know we won't be moving for another couple of years, but it's just so fun to go look at all of the new houses and take pictures of all the unique things people do to them. I have a feeling, when it's time for us to build, we will have everything perfectly planned out bc we plan it so often.

And this brings us back to Monday... I know I say this every week, but how in the world is it already Monday again. O well, hurry up Friday!!

Have a great week everyone!!

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