Over the Weekend

WHEW!!! What a weekend it was.
Busy Busy Busy

A few highlights
*steaks, squash casserole, asparagus and brownies
*slept til 10
*got my hair did
*lunch at Bonny Blairs
(p.s. there was a wedding right before we got there..
keep in mind this is an irish pub.. harley davidson motorcycle cake toppers)
*got my nails did
*wedding and reception
*late night at Underground 119- delicious food
*slept til 11
*lunch at wild wings
(are we seeing a pattern yet.. All I do is eat, eat, eat..)
(no matter what, what, what... Ok, I'll stop)
*three hour nap
*Kendol cooked seafood pasta for supper
*the defenders
*chicago code
*sleep.. again

And since we all know I can't go very long without adding something to the house... I finally put something in the precious frame that I got for Christmas. I framed a Crechale's menu, which is where Kendol and I went on our first date!! Love it!

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