What's Your Favorite Color, Baby?

Are you a fan of neutrals or color in a home? 
I could honestly go with either.
I think both are stunning in their own ways.

Personality wise, I am a color kind of gal. 
My house looks like a crayon box threw up in it.
And I love it that way!!

But how gorgeous would it be to have such a sophisticated home with rich neutrals?

Source: houzz.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

Or would I get bored and tired of both!! 
A great mix can be easily done.

What's your favorite??


  1. I love that kitchen! It is gorgeous! and the bathroom is amazing! I like neutrals with a little pop of color to spice it up!

  2. My house right now is done in neutrals, we have khaki colored walls in our main areas with brown accent walls and white trim. At first I loved it but now I want more color!

  3. I'd say neutrals! Love that second picture. I like sand and light blue or turqouise together!

  4. I LOVE neutrals! But I don't think I could pull that off in my home. I need pops of color and bright, fun things! Color fits my personality better.

  5. I LOVE the yellow bathroom!! so fun! My house is neutral because I rent, but once I own, color color color!!


  6. I'm with you girl... I love both! I mainly have neutrals with pops of color, everywhere! LOL!

  7. oooo...pretty! I love them all!