How I Make that Money Honey

I am absolutely in love with this link up because I ALWAYS wonder what on earth other bloggers do. Mainly because I am nosy, but also because I cannot figure out how they have so much time to devote to blogging and all that it entails. And who in the world knew that it involved so much when first joining the Blog-O-Sphere?

I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2007 with a business degree in Risk Management, Insurance and Financial Planning. Why that major you ask? I have NO idea.

Moving right along..

I entered the real world quickly and landed a pretty awesome gig.... at New York Life. Seriously, Callie? An insurance salesman? That lasted all of two miserable months. Fantastic company, but that job was not for me. I am not a cold calling salesman. I actually walked in and quit as the guy who hired me was handing me my first check. Poor little guy.

I then worked a year in property and casualty insurance underwriting before leaving to work for the company I am currently with. I have been with this company for right at 4 years now, which seems crazy! We are a small, old school insurance company of 15. I started out in an assistant type position in the group insurance department which handled group insurance for companies such as law firms and doctors offices. As of January 2011, I now work with one other lady in the Individual Disability Underwriting Department. Basically that means lots of proposals, lots of spreadsheets and lots of letters..

My office is "all business in their suits" old school and is very different than most everyone's big companies, I would assume. We celebrate all major holidays with pot luck lunches and devotions. It is not abnormal for a meeting to be held to say a few prayers for someone in need or to give thanks for something major that has happened to someone recently. It is so refreshing to me to be in a place where God is still in control!!

And that my friends is the exciting work life of Callie. Glamorous, right?!

Story of My Work Life.
Every Single Day..
My toes are currently purple.


  1. yay for Callie's work experience! I am jelly of your new york life but not of the job you would have to do. cold calling sucks! I am happy you are in a great position now!


  2. Cold calling, yuck! And I'm pretty sure our toes are twins right now. Like you, I love reading blogs for the plain reason that I am nosy and I enjoy reading. Great post!

  3. I love that ecard. That's the mantra of my office!

  4. What an incredible thing to work in an office where God is front and center! My office is quite the opposite and sometimes it's really hard. I try my best to make sure that people see Jesus in me every day! :)

  5. Sounds like you are fortunate enough to work in an awesome workplace! Awesome post!

  6. your office sounds like a great place to work encouraging and family orientated. i miss that and hope my next job is a bit more like that

  7. My office is freezing cold too! For example today I'm wearing capris and my legs are a hairy mess - gross but true!

  8. LOL! I love how you added in that your toes are purple! Sounds like an awesome place to work! :)

  9. sounds like a great workplace! I am your newest follower. I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog! Have a happy Monday:)

  10. HA! That someecard made me laugh. I love how close your office is! My old company was very family-centered and I miss that being in Corporate America. Thanks for sharing and linking up Callie! XOXO