Food Coma

This weekend summed up in one word.

Ok, I'm done..

Kidding, Kidding.. 
No, but seriously. 
I'm pretty sure I ate enough to feed a horse this weekend. 

Friday night was spent having dinner and yogurt with my bestest friends.

On Saturday, Kendol and I headed over to my Aunt and Uncle's for the annual Family Summer Swim Fest. I love this day! And it is so crazy how much it has changed. 
Babies, Babies, EVERYWHERE!!

My favorite picture of the day!!
Hayes with Uncle Earl.
Sweetest Ever.

After swim fest, Kendol and I had a little bit of a different double date night with Colby and Tiffany. As I've said before, my office is moving on up... and out of downtown.. in two weeks! Well next door to my current location is one of Jackson's oldest and most famous restaurants called "The Elite." He made the comment that we needed to have a lunch date before I left downtown bc it's his favorite. Come to find out, Colby had never been. ROADTRIP!!! We ate our weight in Veal Cutlets and their home-made comeback. El Delicioso!!

Notice the original booths and hat/coat racks on each one. Love it!
Needless to say, we were the youngest in there by 40 years and I'm sure the fellow patrons did not approve of my cutoffs. Sorry about that. And we were unaware that you can brown bag... Bummer! 

Sunday was spent cleaning the house for my Stella & Dot Fall preview party!! It seemed the GiGi Studs in red were a favorite of everyone!! They are so cute on. Then the weekend ended with some patio time and some steaks on the grill. 

Fabulous Weekend. 
Fabulous Weekend, indeed!

(I am still in a bit of a Food Coma this morning)

He fills my life with good things. 
Psalm 103:5

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  1. I love stuffing my face all weekend but I usually regret it Monday when I feel yucky and bloated. Looks like you had a great one! Love that Psalm!

  2. love a great stella and dot party! Aren't food comas what family gatherings and weekends all about?

  3. All we did this weekend was eat, too! And it was awesome, ha! Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. You forgot about the Hilton Hammers

  5. Definitely lots of babies! haha this is like the 3rd food coma post... guess everyone ate lots of great food this weekend :)

  6. Looks like a great weekend and there's nothing wrong with a good food coma every now and then : ) Lovin' your blog..newest follower!

  7. Babies babies everywhere! They are soo precious & it's always so much fun with little ones!

  8. What a great weekend! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Food, family, friends AND a pool? Score!

    Thanks for linking up with us!