My Run In With..

So, this morning I leave my house and start my 40-ish minute trek to work, as normal. I arrive downtown. All seems quiet, as normal. Then I turn onto the street my parking lot for work is on. I see about 20 police motorcycles in perfect little lines, all but blocking the entrance to my parking lot. A police car in the middle of this intersection and the next and tons of police and highway patrolmen gathering at different places throughout the streets. 

First thought?? O dear lord, what has gone on in downtown Jackson now? Am I in the middle of a real life crime scene right here at work? (I clearly watch too many detective shows on t.v.) Then I snap back to reality and I remember they are all just hanging out. Nobody is crowded around a body or a garbage dump looking for clues.


Someone important is at the Marriott and is about to be escorted out. I must stay for the action. Little did I know, I didn't have a choice but to stay for the action. Don't mind if I do!! Queen Nosy, here.

I barely got to the parking lot before they stopped traffic, so I was actually standing on the corner when it all went down. Five policemen on motorcycles start their lights and crazy sirens and fly by. Then comes the pack of 20. Then two police cars. Then two grey Tahoes full of folks and a white van. Followed by a few more police cars. All of those policemen... and the windows on both Tahoes are down. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of being protected by the police?

Anywho, lots of excitement around Jackson this morning. Or for me and the 15-ish others standing on the street corners, gossiping, just trying to figure out who in the world is that important around here. (Note: nothing exciting happens down here)

Come to find out, it was supposedly the possible future Pres... Mr. Romney, himself.

Ok, Ok... so maybe it wasn't really a "run in" but pretty cool to say that I just happened to see Ol' Mitt this morning on the way in to work. Not too shabby for a Tuesday morning.


  1. hahaha isn't it funny how we all perk up when we see situations like this!! I am the first to admit I am nosey as hell and would be wondering who it was too!! Girl, Pres. Obama was here a few years ago and they litterally shut down the WHOLE entire city of NORFOLK... where I worked at the time... HOLY CRAP. Talk about a cluster F*%k! Hilary CLinton was down here a few months ago and they basically did the same thing! I mean I know they are important people and all... but I have places to be too ya know. Why do I have to sit and wait in traffic for over an hour just so your caravan can get by?! REALLY?! hehe I kid I kid!

  2. A fun way to start your morning!

  3. Haha! What a way to brighten a Tuesday morning! And that is too funny about the windows being down...haha!

  4. what?? i really hope it is future prez and not just mr. romney, ugh we need to get rid of obama like trash needs to be thrown out

  5. I bet you totally felt like you were in the middle of a celebrity moment! Run ins with popular/famous people are so fun, no matter who it is!! :)