Friday Favs

I have come across lots of favorites lately and wanted to share them with you! And what better way to do that then by linking up with Lindsey for Friday Favorites.

Fashion Favs
The maxi skirt. 
In particular, this beauty from The Loft
It is my first attempt at a printed maxi skirt and it has been a huge hit! 
Seriously, if you haven't bought one of these yet, please do. 
You will love me for it! They are so comfortable.
The Jack Rogers.
My Momma got these for me for my birthday.
They need some serious breaking in, but I love them.
And.. I love that they come in narrow sizes.
If you need a good summer sandal, get you some!

Food Fav
Fruit Trifle.
I made this deliciousness for the 4th of July and I highly suggest it.
Super easy and pretty healthy.
1 Angel Food Cake Mix 
4 Packs of Low Fat Cheese Cake Pudding (and milk)
Fruit of your choice.
I layered: blueberries on bottom, crumbled cake, pudding, strawberries and blueberries, repeat.
I also mixed some whip cream in with my pudding.
Who doesn't love whip cream?
P.S. The pudding with whip cream also made an awesome fruit dip for my leftover fruit!

Make Up Favs
E.L.F. Mineral Infused Mascara. $3
Seriously obsessed.
E.L.F. Eye Shadow Brushes. $1 Each
Self Explanatory.

Fall Preview Favs
The Stella and Dot Fall Line comes out in the morning!!!
I'm so excited bc everything that they have "sneak peaked" is gorg.
Such as these beauties.
Calling all Auburn/Florida Fans.
Precious Orange Necklace Alert!!
And there seems to be tons of black which I'm pretty excited about.
Since I wear something black every single day of my life.

And my Fav News of the day, Football season starts in 56 days!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!


  1. Ooooh I need that Orange necklace, it's gorg! Have a great weekend girl :)

  2. I love love love that skirt. The angle of the lines make it look like it would be really flattering.

  3. I love maxi skirts-- so adorable! This is such a fun link-up! Happy Friday, lady :)

  4. Ready for football season!!!! I like those Jack Rogers but I just won't be paying that for a sandal. But as a gift, sure go for it!

  5. I LOVE that maxi skirt! Too cute!!!!!

    Found you from Follow Friday! Can't wait to


  6. I saw that beautiful 4th of July goodness of IG and wanted to eat it so bad! Looks delish :)

  7. New follow - Kathy B.
    Hop over and join me your always Welcome!

  8. Hey! I'm your newest follower via #FF. That trifle looks awesome!

    Missy @ http://gracefullittlehoneybee.blogspot.com

  9. Found you through Hollie's link up, love S&D, Happy weekend.


  10. I need to make that Fruit Trifle!! Holy YUM! Found you through hollie's #FF link-up. :) New follower!

  11. Love the new Stella and Dot preview. Found you via Friday Favorites link up! Newest follower.

  12. I still need to try the elf products....I keep meaning to! P.S. I love those Jack Rogers...I have them and they go with every single thing that I own :)

  13. I love ELF products! Always such a steal! That fruit trifle is super cute perfect for the holiday!

  14. ONLY 56 days left?!?!???? I LOVEEEEE it. I am so so so ready for some solid tailgating action :)

  15. Did you order Fall yet? I ordered about 100000 things. Like legit. It got out of control. Thank goodness we got 50 percent off and i had 600 product credit. so it was sooo bad on the wallet. I just loved it all!!!!!!