Last Party Yo!

Last Party Yo
Before Liz Becomes
Mrs. Tardio

We spent our weekend at the Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham lounging by the pool, celebrating Liz's last days before becoming a Mrs. The resort was fabulous and so was the food and pool. On Friday, everyone arrived at different times so we went to the resort restaurant, Brock's, for a late dinner and cocktails. I had Maine Lobster Linguine and it was faboosh. O-Mylanta!! 

We spent Saturday laying out at the pool getting our tan on. The day of relaxation and sun was much needed! Late Saturday afternoon we had the lingerie shower and headed to dinner. When we got to the lobby to wait for our cabs, we came to find out that the resort had booked a Party Bus for us... Heck yea!!! I had not had a party bus experience in quite sometime. It took me back a few years.

We had dinner at a restaurant called Five and it was awesome. If there is one near you, GO!! The atmosphere. The menu. The food. All fantastic.We then found out that Birmingham had a Tin Roof. Liz's favorite! To the Tin Roof we go to dance our little booty's off.... and they didn't expect us to be near a fan without doing Glamour Shots, did they??

Sister :)

And the highlight of the night came when someone handed the lead singer Liz's task of "singing to at least 5 people." He then got her on stage to sing with him... little did he know the song he picked was the song of our entire youth and Liz (and most of us) had dance moves to the entire thing. Dixie Land Delight. She sang her little heart out, shook that tambourine like nobody's business and played the heck out of her imaginary fiddle all while managing to not miss a beat on the sweet dance moves or spill her drink.

True Southern Belle Right There.

Thank you kind sir in your hot pink converse for making our day. And thank you Liz for being an amazing sport!! You rocked my socks off!

I can't believe that you are getting married in a little over 2 weeks. 
I cannot wait!!


  1. Looks like y'all had an awesome time!!! & How stinking fun is it that Liz got up there & sang & danced her heart out! Soooo fun!!! Love me some bachelorette parties!!!

  2. Ahhhh I love this so much! I can tell y'all had such a blast...you are pretty much a professional wedding go-er, which I know I'll be in a few years!!!! You can teach me all of your tricks! SO glad y'alls weekend was so great :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! BTW, your hair looks FAB in these pics!!

  4. Love your wavy hair Callie! You look gorg, sounds like ya'll had a blast :)