Fill in the Blank Friday

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1. My plans this summer include well... it's half over now, but I just got back from the beach, a trip to Itta Bena next weekend, work and some fun in the sun every chance I get!!!

2. The best summer I ever had was hmmm I'm pretty fond of all of the summers before I worked full time. I would have to say the summer I lived in Starkville was pretty epic. Yea... it wins, for sure! Please see one of my favorite pictures (of all times)BAHAHA!! We look like babies.
Circa 2005
3. Summer is sunshine ~ pretty flowers (obsessed with sunflowers recently) ~ barbq ~ the beach ~ suntans ~ flip flops ~ margaritas ~ sundresses ~ sunglasses ~ cookouts ~ 4th of July ~ my birthday ~ last of the crawfish ~ wearing white ~ fun fingernail polish ~ boats ~ sweet G-90 corn on the cobb ~ bocci ball ~ coronas ~ tomatos ~ blt's ~ days on robuck and the rez ~ fireworks ~ homemade ice cream ~ watermelon ~ daddy's fish fries ~ roadtrips ~ eagle lake ~ laying out ~ fresh vegetable gardens ~ it's still light outside when I get off work ~ being barefoot ~ fun summer songs ~ nights in the delta ~ ribs ~ the beautiful colors ~ fruity drinks ~ weddings ~ cotton fields in full bloom ~ beautiful sunsets (last night's looked like a pair of 90's swim trunks!! it was hot pink and purple) ~ cantelope ~ sonic cokes ~ our anniversary (2 years!!)
(copied from my "Summer Lovin" blogpost)

4. My favorite summer food is hamburgers or ribs!! I just love a cookout with all of the delicious dips etc..

 5. The best way to quench a summer thirst is water (with lemon), lemonade, a margarita or an ice cold beer!!

6. My summer uniform consists of the usual work clothes... then shorts, sundresses, swimming suits and sandals!!

7. The best thing about summer is the water (beach, lake, pool, sprinkler..whatever works) and the cookouts!!!

Here are a few pics from our Family Gals 4th of July beach trip. There was 10 of us.. Donna, Ann-Hamilton,Eleanor, Hayes and myself from the Pittman Fam and our cousins from the Funderburk Fam Haley, Lexie, Lindsay, Mary-Hamel and MaKenzie. We were in the water too much to take a lot of pictures, but here are a few.
Crab Hunting

The Funderburk Gals!

Eleanor and the Twins

Funderburk Gals!

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