Pet Peeves

Ok so I was just reading on A Blonde Ambition and she had the most hysterical post about her biggest pet peeves. I know I'm not alone when I say that there are some things and people that just make me twitch. I must play along, bc let's face it, I may get the award for "most outrageous pet peeves." Yes, I am very aware that I am weird!!!

 P.S. I agree with her on her pet peeve about fast food restaurants. If I wanted it, I would I have ordered it. No need to ask if I want cheesesticks or a coney, along with what I just ordered. Don't ever ask me if I want a hotdog... WOOF.

1) Repetitive Noises
Seriously people, I can't handle it...  not even a little bit. And when I say repetitive noises, I don't just mean a clock ticking, I mean ALL of them. Clock ticking, clapping, when the oven timer goes off, phones ringing, snoring, heavy breathing, when songs repeat over and over (that's why I can't handle the jam band music... it makes me almost have a heart attack)... etc. etc. You get my point! How do I function in my cubicle with all of the noises going on around me, you ask??.... the constant phone rings... the hammering upstairs...the noise of everyone typing constantly... the printer constantly sending paper through... I'll tell you how I handle it, NOT WELL!!!

2) Too Short Pants
Seriously..... can't deal. I'm not just talking about the kids at Wal-Mart that you can see the top of their tube sock (bless em), but also the business men that get their suit pants tailored to short. Why in the world would you ever do that??? Call me crazy, but if my pants don't touch the ground (with shoes on), I will not wear them!!

3) Polyester
Ok, so in highschool I never really thought about it on my cheerleader uniforms... maybe bc I had no option... but I CANNOT stand the feel of it. I have a few pairs of work pants that have a tiny bit of polyester in them and if my hand touches them, it literally gives me the chills. It's almost as bad as when you wipe your mouth with the neck of your t shirt and your tongue touches the material (weird, I know)... O MY GOSH.. I hate when that happens. It almost makes me throw up. I don't see how dogs lick everything. I just shivered thinking about it.

4) Don't Know the Words to Songs
Seriously, if you don't know the words to the song, don't sing it... don't hum it... don't mumble along... for everone's sake. Just bob your head and enjoy.

5) Stick Figures
I apoligize to anyone out there who may have these, but those d*mn stick figure families on cars drive me up the wall. Why would you ever want the general public to know every member of your family? It's just kind of creepy to me. And don't get me started on hot pink initials either... enough... Again, I do apologize.
To each, his own.

6) Rascall Flats
Ok maybe it's more of a hatred than a pet peeve, but if Rascall Flats comes on your radio station, that's a good way  to lose a listener.. Crazy I know, but I can't handle his voice. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. They are not alone... they are accompanied by Taylor Swift (her old music... some of her new stuff is growing on me) and The Band Perry... seriously who talks about eating crow (yes, I'm aware this is a saying) and rhyming with ornery. And let's not forget all three of their hair styles and the way those boys dress. GET. OUT. OF. HERE.

7) Facebook
Nobody needs to know your serious family/friend feuds and problems... Discuss them with the individuals involved. There is no need to publicize.

And that's enough for now!! Now ya'll probably think I'm even crazier than before!!

Please, tell me your pet peeves!


  1. Pet peeves that jump on my last nerve:

    • Someone from back home saying "I SEEN him in town yesterday." No you did not you illiterate imbecile, you SAW him in town yesterday.
    • Double Negatives.... I ain't got no job. No kidding? I wonder why...
    • Pronouncing supposed as 'sposed. If you came from where I'm from, you would understand. Otherwise, that will not make sense to you.
    • Repetitive tapping. Someone tapping their pen repeatedly on their desk while I'm trying to take an exam infuriates me.
    • Know it all's and one-uppers. No explanation needed.
    • the people driving/talking/texting 65 mph in the left lane on the interstate OR the ones that speed up or slow down when I decide to pass them while my cruise is set.
    • make up words because they think it sounds intelligent (irregardless....no it's just regardless)

    I think that will suffice for now.

  2. Well, let's start by saying that I do not have as many pet peeves as my husband...

    ~A phone call with the following dialogue,
    caller "What are you doing?"
    me "busy doing _______"
    caller "O, ok. Well I wanted to call you because .....blah, blah, blah"
    30 minutes later the phone call ends.
    Did I not say I was busy?

    ~Smacking when you talk. Why?

    ~Old lady beauty shop MISINFORMED gossip.

    ~Name dropping. I don't care who your mom's 2nd cousin's wife's first child knows.

    ~I despise people that won't do anything for themselves except whine and cry. It's called working, not being lazy, and most of all respecting yourself and others. Don't use others for their money, don't cheat, don't lie, and do not try to pull one over on me or anyone else. In the King Burger voice, "RUDE!"