O what a weekend it was in the delta. I'm sure nobody else gets as excited as me about going home. I don't know what it is about it, but I just love it.

On Friday we headed to Greenwood and went strait to Lusco's! YUMMY!! There we spent our time waiting on Liz (45 minutes, 2 drinks and an order of onion rings later, she put her rolly brush down and decided to show up hehehe... just picking Liz) and catching up with Mallory, Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Chris (Nashville), who was on his first trip ever to Greenwood. Don't worry guys, he experienced Lusco's to the fullest. He had the onion rings (a must), the house salad (a must) and he chose the broiled shrimp with crabmeat (excellleeennt choice)! I even made him go outside to go to the restroom and he used the buzzer a time or two for more beer!! All in all, I would say it was a successful first trip to Greenwood's finest!

What is a trip to Greenwood without a little downtown shopping and lunch at the Delta Bistro?? So, of course this is what Momma, Kendol and I did on Saturday. Then we spent our afternoon on Roebuck Lake!!! O, how I have missed that place. Then it was back to the house with Colby, Tiffany and Elise for a fish fry with the fam (my daddy was in heaven cooking for everyone) and back to Itta Bena to scoop up Havis for a night full of backroads riding!

My favorite boys!!!! YIPEEE

Other fun things about the weekend:

New Tailgating bag!!!!

O, just ANOTHER bag for myself... Like I needed it.

I also got Ann-Hamilton and Momma precious "large utility totes" since they are both starting their new jobs in August! My mother has retired from the public school system and will be teaching 2nd grade at Pillow Academy. Ann-Hamilton has decided to take a new career path and will be teaching 5th grade at Florence Elementary!! So proud of both of them. I felt they deserved a prize. I didn't get pictures of their bags, bc I was too excited to give them to them!

Seriously, if you have never heard of or have just never taken the time to check out 31 Gifts, do yourself a favor and do so HERE!!


You know your getting old when you spend your sunday afternoon pickling.


Now that's a what a window seal is supposed to look like in the summer time.
Plums... yummy!!
(Christin, please notice my plum holder. PERFECT!)

And last, but certainly not least, I spent Sunday morning with my Daddy and Kendol, Sunday afternoon watching Hayes swim and we had dinner at Ann-Hamilton and Ryan's.
After a weekend like this, I feel like a whole new person. I have a little extra pep in my step. Everything about it made me smile!! I am one lucky chica!! I am blessed beyond words.

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