Fourwheelers, Firearms and Fanny Packs

Talk about a Sunday Fun Day!

On Sunday morning we had plans to go down to our friend Ben's deer camp in Cato, MS, for a day of fun out in the country.

First thing's first, get out the 4 wheeler. UH OH 4 wheeler won't crank. Get to work boys.

Next thing I know, there are 4 boys in the yard working on it. Funny thing is, they are dressed in their best "mud bustin" attire. Kendol has on jeans with holes all in them and a Dale Earnhardt shirt with the sleeves cut out and Ben has on a "Waffle House" shirt with the sleeves cut off that says "No Grits No Glory" and has on a giant belt buckle. Brad's already shirtless and Cody is the only normal one. Needless to say, I found this hilarious... The neighbors have no idea that they are dressed like this as a joke. Next thing I know, I look out the front door and Ben has his truck backed up to our front yard (which is a hill) and they are loading the 4 wheeler on to the truck from the yard... not with 4 wheeler ramps, like normal people. I'm sure they think we are the modern day Clampett's.

Since I have some time on my hands, I go in search of my very own "best mud bustin" attire. My outfit consists of cut offs, rainboots and my "beer goes here" t-shirt from Talladega. T-shirt? I can't wear a t-shirt, then I'll have a "farmers tan." So I, of course, cut the sleeves off. Then I find "the fannypack." Yes, you read that right, fan-ny-pack. Like from the 90's, except this one is new and is nascar... yes, nascar. (Let me explain: Kendol and I went as Nascar Fans for Halloween 2 years ago and while looking on Nascar.com for our outfits, we ran across $5 Ryan Newman fannypacks. MUST HAVE.) So I added the fanny pack to my outfit for the day, as a joke. Make fun of my fanny pack all you want, but by the end of the day, I was carrying everyone's dip, cameras and sunglasses. All of which, made it back safely and mud free.

 Please meet Fanny Pack:
Us as Nascar Fans... Yes the mustache, mullet & barb wire tatto are fake.

Now on to the rest of the day!! It was so much fun!
We acted complete fools.

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  1. Cute!! I definitely think you should pack this attire for this weekend=)