Thursdays Thoughts

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

**For all of you who may not know, my cousin Kaylis is having a sweet baby!!!!!WOOO HOOOO another sweet baby for the Pittman side of the family. I absolutely cannot wait to know what Baby Byrnes will be. I do know one thing, he/she will be spoiled rotten!! Baby Byrnes will be the 7th new family member, for the Pittman side, in just a little over 2 years.

**I still cannot "wrap" my head around the fact that the legendary Jack Cristil is retiring. He has been announcing MSU football and basketball since 1953. He has been announcing ballgames longer than my daddy has been alive. CRA-ZAY!!! Listening to the games will just never be the same. One thing I hope, is that on Saturday the Bulldogs can pull off a win against Tennessee, so we can hear him say "You can wrap this one in maroon and white" just one more time. What a great man. As we say at MSU... He is the ultimate definition of someone "grinding for our state" and the ultimate definition of "true maroon." I think he needs a billboard "Grinding for my State since 1953." Think about it...

Jack Cristil in the 2010 Homecoming Parade
I also can't wrap my head around the fact that Jack Cristil was a trending topic on twitter last night. For those of you who are not twitter savvy, that means he was one of the Top Ten things being talked about in the United States on people's twitter statuses.How awesome. As Marcello said "Jack Cristil is wrapping twitter in maroon and white." I just loved that.

**I have found a new type of radio to listen to while at work. It is the "Life is Good" online radio on their website. Most of you may not find this exciting, but I do!! I HAVE to have to music playing at all times or else I would never make it through a work day. Love it.

**I started a new kind of work out last night. It is called circuit training. Everyone should try it. From what I hear (and feel...ouch) it really works!!! It was suggested to me by my friend Memrie over at Our Life. Google it. Try it. Let me know how it goes for you. Yay for getting in shape!!

**Who all watches American Idol?? Kendol and I are obsessed. So far, my favorites are Casey Abrams (I predict that he wins... he is so awesome) Jacee Badeaux (just want to pinch his cheeks) and cowboys John Wayne Schulz and Scotty McCreary, of course!!

**How about this awesome weather? I mean it's absolutely perfect. Now, I wish it would stay this way. I have worn a dress to work twice this week. YES!!!

**So apparently I have been missing out on something major for a while now... Abita Strawberry Beer.... When it arrived in stores for the season, on Tuesday, you would have thought Elvis had come back to life or something, with how excited everyone was. I guess I should try it. I will let you all know how it goes.

**I am excited about making persuading Stephanie to eat her first ever Sloppy Joe!! I don't know about you, but Sloppy Joe's were a staple around my house. When Stephanie revealed that she had never had one, I immediately went to the grocery store. We will be having Sloppy Joe's and potato chips for supper. YUM!! I hope she likes it or else I will be treating her to dinner somewhere ha!

**So this is a question for all of you who read this in the Jackson area. Everyday I want a good salad for lunch, but I never can seem to find a really good one. Where and what are your favorite lunch time salads around town??

That's all for now.. I'm sure I will add more throughout the day.


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  1. The Spinach Salad at Broadstreet!!!!!!! It has a warm crawfish vinaigrette dressing that's full of crawfish tails... It's AMAZING!!