My Sweet Valentine

Yesterday was the best Valentine's I've ever had... hands down!! When I got home from work, I had not 1 but 2 vases of flowers waiting on me, a peice of Peter's conveniently called a "Bloody Mary" Bowl (so of course he got me a bottle of Zing Zang bc we all know I love Bloody Mary's) and then he took me to dinner at Franco's, which was absolutely delish and I'm still stuffed. I'm spoiled... I know :)

My two sets of flowers and my new "Bloody Mary" pitcher!!

I, on the other hand, always have trouble with Valentines Day. It's so easy to buy for a girl in my opinion. Buy her some roses and take her to dinner (or cook for her) and you're good to go!

Boys are not so easy, especially for me, bc I am far far from a from a cheesy romantic. Most days I'm glad I'm not one, but some days, such as Valentines, it would be so much easier if I was. And it's double hard for me bc Kendol's birthday is on the 17th, so I have to try and keep the two seperate. I could get one big present, but then that's no fun for him on one of the two holidays.

Anywho, for Valentine's I got Kendol a book called "Wild Abundance." (real romantic... right??) It is a nice, coffee table type book, that has deer camp stories and the recipes (mostly wild game recipes, but some are not) to go with them from the best deer camps in the south. Plus there's a few pictures of Eli in there. He LOVES to cook. He LOVES to hunt and he LOVES the Mannings, so it was a win/win. I also got him a new pair of snazzy boots that are half birthday/half valentines.

Perfect gift for the hunter, ladies!!!

He has already picked out which recipes he wants to try first!

New Snazzy Boots

O, and funny story... Apparently the person who takes reservations at Franco's is a Twilight fan. It's not very often that people mess up the name "Collins"... Callie, yes... Kendol, yes... but Collins, no!! Apparently they thought Bella and Edward were coming to visit for a star studded Valentine's! This is what was on our table.

Also, on my way home yesterday I was flipping through the stations and ran across K-LOVE. Why have I never known what station this was and why have I not been listening to it for years??? What an awesome station and what a perfect thing to find on Valentines. (100.9)

Anywho, Apparently they do a "Next Great Love Song" contest for Valentines and a guy named Matthew West writes a song based on the story of one couple who sent in a letter. Read story HERE!!

Thank you to my sweet Valentine, Kendol for all you do for me!!
I love you!!

I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's Day and even if you didn't have a Valentine this year, I hope you find one like the one in the song!!

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  1. I have GOT to get Justin that book!!! Thanks so much for the gift idea!!