Over the Weekend

The weekend was filled with lots of Christmas joy. We started off with a little Christmas party thrown by some great friends. The party was held a precious Bed & Breakfast right outside of town. It's funny how you never know these things exist and you live 5 minutes away. The house was gorgeous. The yard was beautiful. The food and drinks were abundant. And the fellowship was fun. We quickly discovered a game room on the third floor and that's where the party seemed to stay. We all attempted to play pool, but most of us have lost our Pool Shark ways with old age (ha!).... Ok, Ok.. some of us never were Pool Sharks...

These were the only three pictures I captured with my real camera. I have got to quit taking everything with the ole' I Phone. The pictures are terrible... terrible.. One day I will learn.

Anywho, on Saturday we headed to the delta so Kendol could get in some hunting, of course. You know what they say... "While the boys are away, the girls shall play shop. The little sister and I marked a few people off of her list then had a little wrapping party. Followed by a little double date night over steaks and Christmas movies. We watched a Hallmark special "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" followed by mine and Kendol's first viewing of "Elf." 

Sunday the bottom fell out. Literally. It rained ALL night and ALL day. Therefore the hunting was put on hold and it was on to bigger and better things, Angel Tree Shopping. We headed back home and met Kendol's parents to start shopping... And with the rain came a drop in temperature that I wasn't prepared for. Next thing you know, I am in the Madison Wal-Mart in yoga pants and Kendol's camouflage fleece looking at Scooters and Fishing Poles. O, the looks I received...

Does anyone else enjoy Angel Tree shopping as much as me? It really is one of my very favorite parts about Christmas. I just wish I could see the looks on the children's faces on Christmas day. It really is such a special, special way to give back. 

We ended the night at Kendol's parents celebrating his brother's birthday and having an hour long, hysterical debate over what the menus will be at their two Christmas functions. 

And now, here we are back to Monday.
The last Monday at my current job.
 Only one week til Christmas.
Where in the world has December gone?


  1. I went angel tree shopping this weekend too! I love the feeling of knowing we are helping put a smile on a little kid's face Christmas morning! P.S. Send the rain our way! :)

  2. What a fun weekend! We have always done Operation Christmas Child, but I would love to pick a child off the Angel Tree!

  3. I can't believe you hadn't seen Elf! Did you love it?

  4. How fun! I also cannot believe you've never seen Elf! What'd you think?

  5. It's been raining all weekend here too and today and it's killing my mood! I can't believe you had never seen Elf! It's the BEST!

  6. i love the angel tree or operation christmas box, different names same concept! i wish that the giving lasted all year round but those are some of my favorite gifts to buy during the time of the year. and WHAT you have never seen Elf?? unbelievable missy :-)