Champagne Taste, Beer Budget

Ever heard of the phrase, "Champage Taste on a Beer Budget." I hear it all the time, but can't quite grasp it. Mainly bc my favorite champagne cost $4 a bottle (Andre, Duh!)... So unless we are comparing it to a 30 pack of Keystone for $11 (College What, What!), I'd say my beer is the more expensive of the tastes..

Errr... Does that make me a redneck?

Anywho, I guess they are referring to rich folks champagne.. and in that case.. that's exactly what I have, Champagne taste. And I am not ashamed to admit it. I always run into this problem when the Holidays come around. If it's not expensive then 90% of the time I have already purchased it for myself. Therefore I leave nothing on my Christmas list. 

So here are a few things from each list of mine! 
What are some dream items on your champagne budget?? 
And your must have items on you beer budget??


Champagne Taste

Champagne Taste by calliecollins featuring metal sunglasses

IPad ~ Hunter Rain Boots ~ Tory Burch Handbag ~ Tory Burch Camel Flats ~ Ray Bans

a little easier on the ole pocketbook

Tech Gloves: Treehouse in Fondren Locally
Yellow Scarf (Any scarves): Turkoyz in Highland Village
Chanel: Allure Perfume (Dillards)

There are also a few local goodies on my list!! I have started to collect some new dinner plates and bowls for our new (future) home bc all of mine are already chipped... BOO!! I, of course, went with the new McCarty "Nutmeg with an Edge" Dinner Plates and "Large Old Fashion" Bowls.

Source: Uploaded by user via S. on Pinterest

And another local goody is this print of the restaurant where Kendol and I went on our first date by J. Mark Reed Photography. It is a very old restaurant here in Jackson and the original location (in terrible, terrible part of town) is finally shutting down and moving to a new, safer location. I already have a menu framed, but I would love to have this as a keepsake.

Ok.. Ok.. Maybe my Beer Budget Friendly Christmas List isn't lacking after all :)


  1. I always say that I have champagne taste on a beer budget!

  2. Yessss -- story of my life!! Hahaha. I love both of your lists, though! Perfume ALWAYS goes on my list. I'm a little ashamed to say that I currently own 10 bottles. But at least I actually wear them all, right?! ;)

  3. I have always had the "champagne taste on a beer budget". It shouldn't be held against us that we have an eye for the finer things! HAHA! BTW, I LOVE your new layout! It's so cute!!!