Another Favorite?

Another one of my very favorite things about Christmas (already told you of my love for the decor and the angel tree) is Christmas Cards. I am seriously like a kid in a candy store when the first one comes in the mail each year. Or when we have a day where we get 5 or 6 at one time. O my goodness. Those are the best days. My heart just melts every time I open one. The pictures are precious. The families are all together and look happy. The messages expressed through the cards are sincere. You catch a glimpse of those that you may not get to see often. Everything about them brings a smile to my face. 

And so today, I want to share ours. It's nothing special but it's us. We are not the posing kind so ours is just a collection of some of our favorite photos from throughout the year... With Christmas Lights!! Because Christmas lights make me happy, happy, happy.

Another year in this beautiful life with my best friend.
He fills my life with good things.
Psalm 103:5

"The Good Life" it truly is!


  1. What an adorable card!

    =) Brooke

  2. Your card is front and center out of all the ones we've received this year :)

    This is the second year that I haven't sent any out - i'm ashamed of myself. Next year i'm gonna make myself !!

  3. I love receiving Christmas cards! They're my favorite. My second favorite thing to do is make my own Christmas cards. And you two make an adorable couple. :)

  4. this is sooo stinking cute! love it!

  5. LOVE those fun huge colorful vintage lights on your card! {Too lazy to use commas.}
    I am late to the link up because I didn't want to post until I gave my cards time to reach their recipients in the mail.
    Happy Friday!