Here Comes Santa Claus

It's never officially Christmas Season to me until I see Santa Claus at the end of my hometown Christmas Parade. This year marked the 77th Annual Roy Martin Delta Band Festival Parade and Fireworks and it was a bitter sweet one for all of us. It was my little sister's last time to dance in the parade with her dance studio, Expressions. And after 20+ years, it was the last time for my parents to have a daughter in the parade. I'm not sure if I love the small town traditions or if I am just obsessed marching bands and their dancers, but it's seriously the best. It's no secret that I've always wanted to be one of those dancers in the leotard and knee high boots scrubbing the ground then Hitch Kicking behind my head... Either way, it's my absolute favorite day of the year.

My Grandmother and Aunt set out our chairs as soon as they get up that morning and we have an entire day of family time. My sister and I take off work and head home for some shopping then it's time to wait for the parade to start while listening to the sounds of Mississippi Favorite's "Will and Linda". After the parade, it's back to the Grandmothers for some snacks and then back to the porch to listen to "Will and Linda" until the fireworks get going!

Although she is only 2, this was Hayes' third parade and she absolutely loves it. She did not move a muscle the entire time.. Even when drum sticks were beating two feet from her face or motorcycles were revving up just as close. And she loved the fireworks! She exclaimed "Gosh, that was pretty" with every boom that went off. Cutest thing ever.

Sweet Daddy ~ Sweet Hayes ~ Mississippi Valley State Marching Band ~
Santa Claus ~ Sweet Eleanor (blonde) in her last parade.
 Speaking of my Sweet Daddy,  I would like to wish him the Happiest of all Birthdays on this fine 3rd day of December.



  1. we have a local parade each year that I go to with my family, it's always one of my favorites (though sadly it's not a Christmas parade...)

    but I love the tradition! looks like a great time!

  2. I don't remember the last time I went to the parade in Greenwood. Its been a while that's for sure!