So, I am joining in on the fun with Sweet Katie  because there are all sorts of things that I am currently doing/loving.

Currently I am: Counting Down to lots of things. 15 Days until our annual high school friends Christmas Party. 16 Days until Family Christmas Functions begin. 18 Days until Christmas Eve. And 27 Days until I start my new JOB!!! Yep, new J-O-B. I still cannot believe it.

Currently I am: Obsessed with buying gifts and wrapping my life away. There is nothing in this world that I love more than endless coordinating gifts with giant bows under the tree. I think I wrap as little as possible in each box just so there are more to look at.

Currently I am: Debating a similar outfit to this for my work Christmas party tonight. Longer Black Sweater (with some shimmer to it), Leggings, Sassy Heals, with a Chunky Pearl Necklace. Yay or Nay??
And debating possibly having a my first
Outfit post to compare? Which means
I could finally participate in Saw it. Pinned it.
Did it. (A day late..)


Currently I am: Gravitating Towards (still) this color when brainstorming ideas for our future home. Never too early to start planning, right? Why do I love it so much?

Currently I am: Disliking the Season Finale of Sons of Anarchy. How am I supposed to wait a year to find out all of the answers. I literally didn't sleep last night bc I was playing all of the scenarios in my head. Gemma, girllll, you done, done it now!

Source: aajnews.in via Nola on Pinterest

Currently I am: Loving Nashville and Elementary. These two are definitely my newest favorite shows for the year. What are yours??

Currently I am: Clinging to this.

Currently I am: 
Bored with my blog design. 
Any suggestions that won't break the ole' bank account?


  1. Girl you can gladly wrap my Christmas present for me.. I hate that haha. Love the work party outfit! Too cute :)

  2. Oh my I am exactly the same with the wrapping!!!
    Love that outfit and Sons of Anarchy!
    Good lick with the new job



  3. The girl that did my blog design was super fast and it was $50. Go to my blog and scroll down to the bottom and click her button. Her pricing is there.

  4. CONGRATS on the new job! Good for you! That inspires me to cut the crap and look for something better :)

    Hope you had a great time at your holiday party.

    And I started watching Nashville but then went to Australia and couldn't DVR it so now I lost out. Boo!

  5. Gotta catch that Sons episode, everyone is talking about it!

    That would be a great holiday party outfit!

    I am doing a Holiday Giveaway from Sephora! Hope you stop by and enter!

    Happy Holidays,

    Brooke♥ ❤ ❥

  6. Yayya for your new job!!

    Love that outfit, can't wait to see if that's what you wore!